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Episode Countdown

Fruits Basket Another: http://www.hanayumeonline.com/

Episode commentaries:
Gundam SEED Destiny, Macross Frontier (new)

Writing backlog:
Code Geass, Macross ∆, Chihayafuru movies, Rakugo, Eupho 2

NigeHaji (drama), City Hunter, Personal Taste
Interstellar, The Intern
Eupho Commentaries
Aldnoah.Zero extras

Rewatch list:
Saraiya Goyou, Uchouten Kazoku, Psycho-Pass, Rakugo

Series for blog project:
SHIROBAKO (all staff interviews)
AZ (Aoki x Takayama G2)
GS (episode commentaries?)
Frontier (new commentaries, Yoshino and Kawamori interviews)
KimiUso (Animestyle, website interviews)
Hourou Musuko
any Urobuchi and Okada interviews I have on hand

Monogatari Series stuff

YOI stuff (one and two)


Just decided it might be a good idea to update and archive some old research I did properly: Newtype character polls.

Thus far, I've been too lazy to collect and upload the images, but you should be able to find them all on google image search...

Mar: Sheryl #1
Jun: Sheryl #3

Feb: Sheryl #5, Alto #9
Mar: Sheryl #1, Alto #5
Apr: Sheryl #3, Alto #9
May: Sheryl #5,
Jul: Sheryl #10
Aug: Sheryl #10
Dec: Sheryl #5, Ranka #8

Jan: Sheryl #2, Ranka #6
Feb: Sheryl #7, Ranka #9, Alto #10
Mar: Sheryl #4, Ranka #8, Alto #10
Apr: Sheryl #1, Ranka #2, Alto #2
May: Sheryl #1, Alto #10, Ozma #9
Jun: Sheryl #1, Ranka #8, Alto #1
July: Sheryl #4, Ranka #5
Aug: Sheryl #4, Ranka #6
Sep: OUT
Oct: Sheryl #7
Nov: OUT
Dec: Sheryl #6

Jan: Sheryl #5
Feb: Sheryl #4
Mar: Sheryl #6
Apr: Sheryl #7
May: Sheryl #4
Jun??: Sheryl #4
Jul??: Sheryl #5
Aug: ??
Sep: ??
Oct: Sheryl #6
Nov: Sheryl #5
Dec: Sheryl #4

Jan: Sheryl #7
Feb: Sheryl #10

Feb: Sheryl #10
Jul: Sheryl #8 (Freyja #1, Mirage #4, Mikumo #5, Reina #9, Hayate #1, Messer #9)
The Yuri!!! on ICE finale just about killed me today. And I mean that almost literally - I woke up about 100 minutes before it hit Crunchyroll, and simply couldn't get back to sleep again. Ended up just getting up and watching Eupho more than half an hour ahead of time...and well, that was weird, too. Though that's another story, one that I'll hopefully understand a bit better when that finale lands next week.

Back to Yuri!!! though...I'm still trying to figure out what kinds of editorials I should be writing about this show. I've been keeping an eye on the reactions on the show, and whilst it ended mostly the way I was expecting (it gave me everything I wanted, even though I really had no clue as to how they'd do that! Here, my familiarity with the real figure skating world was a barrier to me picking the ending!), it's clear to me that the vast majority of the fandom would think I'm...well, "crazy" would be a mild way to put it. I'm more likely to be saddled with a far more negative label. Though I suppose I've known that ever since I started writing my comments here (mostly) intead of on twitter or tumblr...

Well, I might as well get to it.Read more...Collapse )

Thoughts on Yuri!!! on ICE episode 10!

Finally, an episode about Victor!!!

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And just like I did for another series back in the day, here's a list of magazine spreads, events, radio show specials, and key merchandise that I know of. For the publicity stuff, I'll note the ones that I haven't been able to obtain - if anyone is willing to share them with me, I'd be incredibly grateful! And if you know of anything I've missed, please let me know!
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More thoughts on Yuri!!! Episode 9

I’m meant to have been working all day, but my concentration is shot. So let me write a few more thoughts on where I think YOI is headed…

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Yuri!!! on ICE 9

I'm going to give up predictions for fictional stories. Honestly, I can't believe they went for the most complicated qualifying route for Yuri. It seemed so messy to me last week, that I didn't really want to sit down and work it out. I really should have (then more viewers would have been nervous when JJ was skating, just like me), but oh well, I'll just leave it here this time.

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Thoughts on Yuri!!! on ICE episode 3!

I am spending waaaaaaay too much time on this series...

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