k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Just one more week til the fiasco is over...

I'm referring to Gundam 00, of course. Episode 24 was full of whisky tango foxtrot for me, though I don't really care, as I'm just watching it for pretty scenes and to see if there actually is a point to it.

The real fiasco is all the spamming that appears after each episode. Most views are either estactic plumes of praise or irratated rants. Both of which I will hitherto regard as completely irrational. Happened after a lot of Gundam SEED and Destiny episodes to, not to mention Code Geass. I just wanted to find a good summary about the stuff I missed...remind me never to do that again. It's far better to wait for Omni's complete post.

The last half hour has reminded me that the vast majority of anime viewers probably have not yet graduated university. Though even if they have, there is no guarantee that they have been exposed to the texts (to use a literature term) that a good proportion of shows refer to. A lot of anime is intended for school-aged Japanese kids who, for the most part, probably wouldn't consider a show's themes as long as their desire for exciting action or a dramatic love story leading to a nice happy ending is satisfied. But certain shows are also written for adults - as it is adults who will buy all the merchandise that will help the producers cover their costs and go on to make a profit. Not to mention that most of the creative team are actually mature people with particular views about the issues that interest them, and it is through their works that they try to express their views.

What does this mean in terms of reception? If members of the audience do not comprehend the theme of a text, has its author failed? Or if they understand but do not agree with the message? Or should we just attack every little thing that annoys us about the work whilst ignoring anything that they author(s) might be trying to say? (Or, in the opposite context, sing it's praises because it was exactly what we wanted.)

I'm not saying that critiquing a show that someone has so painstakingly produced is wrong. However, an informed critique is far more interesting than a rant (unless, of course, a rant is what you were after). This is one of the major problems with most audiences today: we look for entertainment AND plot/character developments that make sense, but are unwilling or unable to do the extra research often needed for the latter. A case in point is Gundam SEED Destiny: many ranters who commented on how there was no overlying theme didn't seem to have read much about engenics. I'd recommend at least reading Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (and some commentary on it) if you want to think about it. The writers may not have read it themselves, but I'd wager they know far more about the issues surrounding genetics than the vast majority of their audience.

In short, if people want to criticise something, they should be knowledgeable enough to debate it without resorting to rants about unbelievable beliefs or actions. They might seem like nonsense to you, but it is pretty nonsensical to expect the writers and characters to think exactly the same way you do. Wouldn't the world be an extremely boring place if you agreed with everything in it? 

p.s. I personally have little idea about what Gundam 00 is meant to say...but then again, I'm pretty much watching it for the action and for the moments where I can just go うそおおおおおおおおおお! If I can figure out what the themes are, all well and good...but frankly, I don't know if I want to be bothered.


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