k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Gundam 00 25 thoughts

It's not quite finished yet, is it? What with the movie definitely coming out next year, with a certain character as the villain no less.

But well, that's for another day. For now, my quick thoughts before I go read a certain blog...though I might leave that for tomorrow, since it's darned late.

  • The fights were pretty good. Or at least I don't remember there being as much stock footage (if any) as there was in GSD.
  • Ribbons finally getting one of the original GN drives, meaning that the very last fight was reduced to the pair facing off in the original 0 Gundam and Exia...that was pretty cool, unlike the overpowered mecha fights of certain other recent series.
  • The message of the show - that we cannot be ignorant and/or complacent about our society - is one of the best in recent years (although they didn't have to shove it down our throats - see below).
  • Patrick and Kathy. 'nuff said.

Negatives and Puzzles:
  • It was strange to have Hallelujah pop up again almost out of nowhere. Were they suggesting that Allelujah finally came to terms with the other side of his personality? Isn't that a repeat of last season? Why did the writers have him disappear in the first place then?
  • I don't get the Trans Am system. Setsuna was waiting for the 00 Raiser to have enough particles to use it, but Cherudim only had enough for 1 second? I dunno...unless the damage to the latter had something to do with it.
  • The epilogue. I understand the desire to show that all the characters are fine, and to wrap up the message...but that was way too long and too patronising, especially since there's a movie coming out next year. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer Code Geass's epilogue - one voiceover and lots of character scenes - over this one.

That's all that's coming to mind atm. Sorry, I'm off to bed. (Damn! Can't even muster the energy to watch Druaga like I was planning to! Maybe I'll bring that episode to school...)

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