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April Fool's roundup 2009

Hm...looking through the archives today, I just realised that I didn't write about April Fool's on this blog last year. It's on the other one...(^_^;;)

Having got back from my travels late yesterday, I wasn't particularly adept at scouting out the jokes this year. I just checked out Tokyotosho's acknowledgement that Chinese people dominate the (anime) fan community, and tried to find Blizzard's jokes. Call me stupid, but I didn't find a single one yesterday. Thank goodness for the people who like posting about these kinds of things.

Here are my personal favourites, in no particular order:
  • From Blizzard - the Archivist, a new playable character from Diablo. Was torn between this and the Terran Terratron, but the videos made for this one are a lot funnier. Gore warning though.
  • The Guardian leading the way to a less wordy future.
  • Gmail's Autopilot - perfect for me, huh? The conjectured replies were hilarious the first time round though.
  • Toshiba's petbook...we have given our pets clothes, so why not?
  • A new Nobel prize in Business Creativity...
  • And for how many people it actually fooled, ThinkGeek's Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. Classic backfire.
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