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Started 15 minutes ago - and I missed the first 9 minutes!

I'm sorry, but Roy Mustang still sounds wrong with MikiShin's voice...

And what's with the American voices announcing the start and end of the ad breaks?!

-------------and with it finished-------------

The first episode is completed new, created just for the new series, which is why I didn't have a clue who Isaac was. Whilst the first adaptation started following the manga pretty accurately (I don't actually remember - had to check wiki), the creators of the second one seem to realise that repeating certain plot points might be redundant. Hence this new scenerio where the situation of Lior has been replaced by something involving Isaac.

*sighs* I'm going to have to continue this when I've actually seen the entire episode.

edit: and finished watching! 

I clearly wasn't listening at the end, because Lior is coming up soon, though it seems like we're getting the flashback about their mother first.

Anyways, back to the episode, Omni on Random Curiosity sums it up very well as usual. I thought it was a wee bit ridiculous, but as Omni noted, it was a pretty exciting first episode that serves to remind the audience of the characters (I'd personally forgotten so many little details, such as Ed not needing a transmutation circle) and hint also at the insidiousness within the military.

As someone who saw the original, and has read a large portion of the manga, I'm curious about what total newbies think of the setup. All of us seasoned fans know what Lust, Envy and Gluttony are, and we know who the pale, wrinkled forehead and evil-looking eyes belong to, but what effect does this first episode give to those who don't? 

Lastly, back to the seiyuu. I don't think I'll mind Kimblee after all, because Yoshino Hiroyuki isn't sounding much like Allelujah, thank goodness! (Sounds a bit like Hallelujah though ^^)

p.s. Btw, anyone know why subbers are adding the subtitle "Brotherhood" to the second series? Every single Japanese source I've checked just has it listed with the same name as the original!

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