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...Junjun...I'm just speechless...

For unknown reasons (honest, I don't even know why I'm listening to a 2005 radio show to a manga that I never even read!), I'm listening to the Megami Kouhosei raji that was created to celebrate Sugisaki Yukiru's 10th anniversary. It's hosted by Fukuyama Jun and Nagasama Miki, which is a bit <(@_@)> because they're both soooooo excitable and OTT...(*my ears my ears*)

And something on the 2nd show just made me shake my head... The conversation drifted to movies that made them cry...and Titanic came up...as a "笑える" (laughable) show! Junjun's reaction was "At the end, when Jack sank below the water, I honestly just laughed out loud. I mean, no one sinks below the water like that!"


somewhat heartless, ne? Although I don't like Titanic either...

p.s. I'm getting back into radio shows! Current favourite is Dear Girl Stories with HiroC and OnoD (I have to try and get Comchat and Cherry Bell sometime!)