k-chan (karice67) wrote,

6 months! I can't wait that long!!!! (spoilers incl.)

Wait, Juiz, you mean it was that simple?! That the memory-wipe is something you did over the phone!

And Tak-kun, you chose to get your memory wiped again with so many peope out for your head because of what you put them through? あんた馬鹿?!

And some speculation, I suppose... Tak-kun asked Juiz to make him King with the rest of his money, and Saki later comments that that's how he became a prince. So, like #5 before him, Tak-kun's money won't have run out yet, so he can't be targeted by the Supporter (whom we probably glimpsed and heard in episode 1). Besides, it's more likely that Tak-kun will either run out of funds first, or successfully become king before that...know, whether he is successful in the latter scenario would be another question altogether...

Tags: higashi_no_eden

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