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I would never have believed it...but

I take that back!!

If I actually could understand everything, I really wouldn't bother with subs anymore (and I might just do that for Cross Game, because I get so frustrated with the liberties that the good subbers take with the translations!), but I can't actually do that for something like Bakemonogatari!

I couldn't even figure out if the group is trolling or if their Japanese really is that bad - I gave up and turned off the subs about 5-6 mins in...other than a few crazy bits, I got most of the important stuff. (And seriously, Araragi Koyomi must be a masochist or something...) 

Seriously, they must be trolling, right? There's no way you can have a decent enough level of Japanese and not know how to use the online dictionaries to help! But if they were, complete failure as the little I watched didn't even make enough sense to be amusing!

oh...and btw, Endless Eight STILL isn't over...

Tags: (rant), monogatari, suzumiya_haruhi

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