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That's not a tsundere, right? but I have no idea what to call her!

Who? Senjougahara Hitagi of course.

Who spent most of the third Bakemonogatari episode teasing/flirting with Araragi-kun.

Who seems to be a bit like Kamiya Hiroshi on the DGS radio...well, minus the wittiness. Hm...maybe it's more like a cross between OnoD and HiroC.

*grins* well, he gets bullied a lot, which is more OnoD...but his reaction to that is definitely HiroC. Ok, I'll stop that now. 

But it's bloody hilarious, 'scuse the language.

hmm...when in the world did I start using otaku terms like tsundere

Oh, and best definition for siscon: 「妹好きなんてのは、実際妹がいない奴の幻想だ」(i.e. the idea of falling in love with one's sister is the fantasy of guys who don't have any)

Alright, one more novel series on the reading list! (^_^;;;;)

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