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Onosaka Masaya (小野坂昌也) is the seiyuu voicing Nanashi (ナナシ).

It was posted on the web-sunday MÄR~メルヘブン~ page, probably on Sunday after episode 2 aired (or on Monday)...(kicks herself for not thinking of checking that site).

The character credits also listed Beru/Bel??? (who is that character? I just don't remember...Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵) and Phantom (I can't believe his seiyuu is Saiga Mitsuki (斎賀みつき)...).

edit (17 April): Actually, it looks like they don't post new credits each week, since the summary for episode 4 has gone up without a change in the credits: so unlike what I thought, Alviss and Nanashi probably weren't in episode 3...hm...I can't even remember when they appear in the manga...

Onosaka-san is one of now three seiyuu that I know are from the Kansai region of Japan - another is Madono Mitsuaki (真殿光昭)...the Kansai dialect, when used, is quite noticeable even if one might not know what is is or why it is being used in a particular context, and is a particular identificatory feature for both Nanashi and Joker from Flame of Recca (which is one of the concidences and observations that Joker fans use to argue that Nanashi might actually be their much-loved-and-missed trump card). There are other clues of course, especially with the recent confirmation of the existence of a character who looks particularly like another Recca favourite...albeit probably not as popular as Joker was. (Deaths do a lot for character-popularity sometimes...)

Anyway...as English-speaking fans (I can't say anything about the homeland residents) generally do, a few of us MÄR fans have long been speculating about who Nanashi's seiyuu was going to be, not just because it would be heaps of fun to listen to the Kansai-ben again, especially in a character as cool as this one, but also because it would have been particularly interesting if Madono-san, Joker's seiyuu in the *coughprettyawfulcough* Recca anime, had ended up voicing him. But well...it doesn't really matter. I guess the Tsubasa seiyuu had already shocked everyone enough by the changes they made...and given that any relationship between Nanashi and Joker is unconfirmed, it really was a silly thing to think about.

Onosaka-san should be good...although I have but one line running through my head now..."Love and Peace!!"

p.s. Saiga-san as Phantom...hm...I liked her as Okita in PMK, despite not liking the series...so this might be an issue, since I can't stand Phantom...only read MÄR because of a couple of characters after all...

p.s.2 Finally...who is Bel/Beru again? Kugimiya-san voiced Alphonse in Hagaren (鋼の錬金術師), so it's definitely a girl...but my memory's shot it seems...

I'm also glad someone finally updated everything else (i.e. the staff. See ANN), since I really didn't want to try and work them all out myself...


mostly in Romaji because it's easier...

Ginta - Kumai Makoto
Babbo - Ginga Banjou
Snow/Koyuki - Shimizu Ai
Alviss - Hoshi Souichirou
Dorothy - Nakajima Saki
Jack - Sakaguchi Daisuke
Edward - Sakaguchi Koichi
Alan - Kosugi Juurota
(Bel??) - Kugimiya Rie
Phantom - Saiga Mitsuki
Nanashi - Onosaka Masaya

Shaoran - Irino Miyu
Sakura - Makino Yui
Kurogane -Inada Tetsu
Fai - Namikawa Daisuke
Mokona - Kikuchi Mika
Touya - Miki Shinichirou
Yukito - Miyata Kouki
Fei Wong - Nakata Kazuhiro
星火 (Xing Huo) - Kobayashi Sanae ('Xing Huo' makes sense, since the character is chinese...didn't think of that.)
Tomoyo - Sakamoto Maaya
Souma - Kaida Yuuko
Chi - Nazuka Kaori
Yuuko - Oohara Sayaka
Watanuki - Fukuyama Jun

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