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The new Cross Game chapter (141) is...kinda frustrating!

It's been a long long wait...and it ends on a cliffhanger, which I assume we won't know the outcome of (more like, details to) until the final match is actually over in what, two months' time!

It seems like Koh and Aoba are finally talking admitting (in a manner of speaking) what they actually think of each other. The only problem is, we don't actually know the important details of the conversations in question - one between Aoba and Akane (what about? it's a secret) and then between the two of them the next morning.

Aoba asks Koh whether he likes Akane more than Wakaba..."she can't compare to (nuance: "beat") someone who's passed away"...

Then...Aoba actually asks Koh straight out: (do you like Akane) more than you like me? 

And what does Koh say?

Is it ok if I lie? 


o(>.<)o and we don't get to hear the rest of that conversation!!! Argh!!! Koh sleeps on the way to the final, whilst Aoba goes to the hospital. The operation begins.

Well, I guess I wouldn't have expected anything else - it's a very Adachi-like progression, and it can still end in so many ways! But bloody hell, what a way to keep us hanging!

And starting next week, the showdowns:

Kitamura Kou vs Mishima Keitarou
Ookawa (Takuo?) vs Azuma Yuuhei

Seishu Gakuen vs. Ryuou Gakuin!

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