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Endless Eight is over.

Hence, all the complaining will (hopefully) end. It was amusing at first, but seeing it week after week from the same people started getting on my nerves after a while. I bet these people just wanted to get their 15 seconds of fame (if any) and didn't read too many other comments.

As for the stunt that Kyoto Animation pulled, repeating the storyline and most of the dialogue for eight entire episodes (which the cast would, btw, have rerecorded each week...I wonder if any of them will talk about it on radio shows)...I am still incredibly surprised at their audacity. A lot of people are seriously upset, so it really might have backfired and lost them a lot of fans. However, after the first few episodes, just went with the flow and watched the new retelling every week. Since I'm learning Japanese, it's not such a big sacrifice as the repetition helps. And I'll probably rewatch the entire thing again sometime, so that I can concentrate a bit more on the details.

That's not to say that it wasn't incredibly frustrating, though the exact extent of my ire will depend on how many episodes there are left (and possibly on how they decide to package the episodes onto DVDs). Based on the comments that other people left, there is a point to the stunt...though whether we actually experience that particular story in this "season" is another question altogether.

Oh, and btw, another chapter of Evangelion (#79) is out. I'm surprised it's still going!

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