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Tuesday is....CROSS GAME DAY!!

Ever since it restarted after Adachi-sensei's long break, anyway. It usually appears around lunchtime, when I'm still at work...but Tuesdays happen to be my "free" day, and so I gobble up the chapter once I find it, all overexcited and not caring about the colloquialisms I don't quite get. A certain group gets it translated soon enough anyway *grins*.

Anywayz, this chapter is S*P*E*C*I*A*L.

Azuma finally swung at Oikawa's fork ball...and connected!!

Then he stole second base!

And finally, he made it home on Akaishi's clutch hit!

It was fantastic - I've read it at least 6 times already today!

Then I set down to work out the rest of the innings...at the current rate, Azuma will bat again in the 9th, and Mishima is slated for the 10th, even if he gets on base in the bottom of the 7th. I can't predict what Adachi-sensei will do, but if Azuma is to hit a homer off his nemesis, then Koh is going to have to give up at least 2 more base hits (or walks) to set up a final face off in the 9th...I'm not sure I want to contemplate what that entails!! *sweatdrops*

This week's going to be a loooooooooooong one!!

p.s. comparing translation and original...it seems like American and Japanese commentators talk in quite different ways...if the translator is following American commentary conventions anyway. Akane's 「よし。よし。」 sounds weird as "Good. Good." in English. Even if she says it really quickly in succession (which she doesn't), that'll be a very Japanese way of saying in. We don't usually repeat simple words, so something along the lines of "Yes. That's it." or "Good. Way to go." seems more like something Westerners would say. Or maybe it's just me.

Not that I'm saying leaving it in a Japanese way wouldn't have been fine. But it's a little inconsistent considering that so much of the vocabulary and slang seems to be based on American commentary.

p.s.2 The way people extrapolate possible double meanings from the dialogue is extremely irritating. If Koh and Aoba do end up together, then sure, go ahead and pick out all the pieces of dialogue that hinted at it. But until then, it's mere speculation, so just keep it to yourself, please.
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