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Cross Game 148!!!


Now, I don't claim to read much Chinese...especially not in the traditional script. (I suppose I could use my dictionary to check everything up...but I guess it'll take less time to keep waiting for the raw...there is A LOT of text.)


Koh struck him out!! He struck Mishima out!

As for the rest of it...with the number 1 looming big on the scoreboard, Ryuoh gets their two remaining outs on a double play, with Oikawa hitting 150. Koh is a bit non-plussed about something, and Akaishi comments that it's just that he's never seen one of his own pitches, as an observer anyway.

The Ryuoh innings begins with the 2nd batter. Neither make it on base. However, Koh is only using change-ups, not his fastball, which Kuruma-san accredits to Akaishi.

When Mishima steps up, Koh and Akaishi have a little talk about walking him...or not... (I'm not sure which way it went...) In any case, the first pitch is a ball...but the next is a 156km cannon down the center.

Aoba then reveals that Koh promised her that he'll show her a 160km fastball today.

Mishima fouls off a 157km pitch.

Then he swings at a 158km pitch...and misses!

"But from young, he could always tell a lie with a straight face." <= at least I think that's what Aoba said.

And Junpei just gapes...


Now I'm wondering if Koh told Aoba he'd answer THAT question if he achieves this particular goal.

More comments later, when I've actually read it.

edit: I forgot something that might have some significance...thanks to the double play, Azuma shouldn't be batting again either. So now it's all Koh's show...unless Adachi-sensei surprises me again...

Also, this is just a single chapter, even though it's the 42-43rd issue. It's just one of the regular rests that weekly manga writers get. (If I'm not mistaken, only 〜48 issues of a weekly magazine come out each year. There's a break during Golden Week, New Year, around now - I think - and one other time. Will check it up when I have more time. For the moment, I should get back to my homework... Scratch that...there are three regular holidays a year, GW, New Year and Obon - the last of which I really should have remembered, because it was just a month ago. The current break is an extra because it's Silver Week, which we won't be getting again for quite a number of years. They say that these holidays are so that the mangaka get a rest too...but really, they have to stay several chapters ahead of the magazine, right? Well, I suppose they do get a break if they keep working until then, because it is one less chapter draw and write...)
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