k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Bakemonogatari DVD vol. 1 sold out everywhere

At least, that's the word on the web.

Amazon Japan states that the Blu-ray version will be in stock again on Oct 23rd (2009年10月23日に入荷予定です), whilst the normal version should be shipped in 4-6 days (通常4~6日以内に発送します). [Btw, if they were in stock, they'd say 在庫あり.]

For those who can't wait, it's going for about 16,000 yen on Yahoo Auctions...then again, this is the limited edition first press version...

Well, I'd better go pick up my copy. Convenience store delivery = the win for a working gal!

p.s. the same thing happened with the ending single, and the drama CD. But by some stroke of luck, I managed to order the last copy of limited edition single (i.e. with the PV) when it appeared in stock again on amazon. Perhaps someone had seen the PV, decided that they didn't like it and just returned. it... I don't think the first press of the drama CD had any special add-ons, but it's probably too late anyway. I do have to decide whether I want to return the second copy I inadvertently ordered...or keep it so that I can write on one of the two script books whilst keeping the other in pristine condition...

p.p.s. just in case, I've already pre-ordered the rest of the DVDs. Episode 12 sealed the deal for me.

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