k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Adachi Mitsuru to take another break with Cross Game...

...after the chapter due out next week in Shonen Sunday #45.

Which seems to suggest that Part 3 is going to end next week. Makes me really nervous, given that Adachi-sensei hasn't ever continued a manga into Koshien if getting there was the aim in the first place. I still remember how Touch ended without a single Koshien game being shown, because Tat-chan had already fulfilled the dream he inherited...

I wonder what part 3 will be named. "Seasons of Akane" seems logical...except that most of the interaction between her and Koh actually happened in the last third of part 2! (ch 91 onwards)

Of course, it's always possible they could go for "Seasons of Ichiyo", since the other major romance has been hers...

Three more days!! All this tension (the cricket match on Weds, now this) is driving me nuts!
Tags: (cricket), cross_game

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