k-chan (karice67) wrote,

So fillers can sometimes be interesting!

er...yup, I'm actually watching Bleach fillers. Skimming them, really - I've only taken a look at 243, where Kira and Yumichika are in trouble, Ichigo is still fighting Senbonzakura, and Kenpachi is powering up.

Was speculating a little on what would happen next...but it's not so easy.

It would be nice to see Kira turn the tables on his own zanpakutou - after all, they have to defeat them to return them to their normal selves. But if not, would Hisagi Shuuhei turn up, since it was his sword that Kira just outsmarted? The opening suggests the Ikkaku will be going up against Wabisuke - although there is also a Renji vs. Kazeshini shot...er, did that happen in a previous episode, because I don't quite see it happening from this point on...

Even if Ikkaku helps Kira, Kenpachi probably won't be helping Yumichika because of the 11th division's unwritten zanpakutou rule. Which really leaves...Hisagi, as he's the only Shinigami (at least, that we're certain of) that knows Ruri-iro kujaku's real power...

Next week's episode should be fun!
Tags: manga: jump

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