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Junk again ^^

It's Kaida Yuki (甲斐田ゆき)'s week at seiyuu. I know she's in quite a few dramas...but if they're all Tenipuri ones, I probably won't get many, so this will be a nice rest for my computer (and time to catch up on the 13 episodes waiting for me to dl...).

edit: Scratch that, I hadn't realised she was Kurapica in HunterxHunter...and everyone's sharing more Ishida Akira and Miki Shinichirou stuff too...

In other news, MÄR 01 has finally been released by a group called Nyu Blue (and BWY/a2002a has also released their version of Tsubasa). Hopefully they'll be speeding up a little (maybe another group will join in too?) but that doesn't mean much to me at this stage, because I'm unlikly to be able to keep downloading once I leave my residence here.

edit 2: Another group called C1Anime has also just released MÄR01. Never seen anything by either of them before, so I'll be waiting for some comparisons to be made...will probably end up just watching certain episodes though, since even the manga is often a bit too childish for my liking. (As if I don't act like a child myself...hypocritical of me, true...)

final edit: Tsubasa now has a total of SIX fansub teams working on it...(1) Dattebayo&Live-Evil, (2) Anime-Fansubs&Solar, (3) a2002&BWY, (4) Anime-Keep&Shinsen, (5) #Yugioh! and (6) Kancho&AnimeU...from what I've read and seen about the quality so far, I might was to go with Keep again, if I decide to keep watching after the first three episodes or so...might just pick and choose the parts of the manga I want to see animated.

Looks like I won't really be picking up any of the spring season anime...probably a good thing since there's no space left to store them until I have enough time to watch everything...

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