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Bakemonogatari 13: it's up!

according to the staff blog. But since everyone is trying to access it now, the site is running very slowly (it doesn't help that today is a public holiday), so I might just have to wait til evening. *sighs* edit: by the looks of it...evening is not going to cut it.

But it's ok.

For the moment, a little of the craziness that went on at SHAFT yesterday and earlier this morning.

19:57 Arrived at Editing! (It's freezing outside)

(I buy that - it was freezing down here in Okinawa too, still is.)

20:00 Photographed cuts are arriving one after the other from SHAFT. The editors are running in and out, and with quick hand motions, blistering through a flurry of work.

Simply couldn't connect to the server until now! Today, there have already been 500,000 hits to the website.

(er...one of them would have been mine - I accessed it only once before 10pm last night... Seriously guys? 10 times the number of DVDs sold? How many times is each person accessing it? )

01:30 I apologise, everyone, for the 3 hour break. I just couldn't connect, but now, finally... (Just what is happening with the server?)
Right now, we're previewing it for the last time in Editing! By the way, there are 4 staff from SHAFT, 2 editors and 4 from Aniplex - all up 20 eyes are fixed on it. Koyomi's ahoge is bouncing up and down! (暦のアホ毛が、ヘニョってなってます。ポニョっ。) The watchword is "Today ends when we go to bed!"

(I think they mean that Nov 2nd doesn't end until they actually get to bed...)

02:20 Everyone, we're extremely sorry to keep you waiting. ...
We apologise for passing the deadline, but the schedule has now progressed to "getting it onto tape" "returning to the office" "capture" "encoding" and "testing and checking" , so we imagine it'll be 8am at the earliest.
...it'll be worth it.
Still, we'll keep you updated as the work unfolds, so if those of you who have time stay with us, we'll be very happy...

05:30 We've returned to the office! Starting capture and encoding!

Good morning everyone. We're really incredibly sorry to have kept you waiting, but we're encoding it now. However, we took longer than expected to get out of the editing studio, so with encoding and checking, it'll be ready around noon. (Encoding is currently at 40%)

(and one more apology before signing off.)

edit part 2: Might as well start taking bets for this weekend...if I can't watch it by tomorrow, I may well give translating today's staff blog entry a go too...though it's not quite as interesting. By then, maybe they'll have more apologies for the problems that everyone's experiencing with the site overload. As this blogger notes, the smart thing to do would have been to encode it for bittorrent, since they're making it available on the net anyway...

edit 2: nevermind. Will definitely be watching it with my dinner.
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