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urgh...this is difficult. Conversation is fine, but really, writing anything in Japanese takes so much effort!

Yes, Bakemonogatari 13 is out. It's not quite as fantastic as the previous episode, but it was definitely worth the wait anyway, even though Hitagi only appeared for about a minute.

Anyway, the middle part of Tsubasa's arc reveals the full extent of Koyomi's flaws, from being a Lolicon to loving nekomimi and of course, being turned on by Tsubasa's assets. Although given the situation, I'd say most guys wouldn't have been able NOT to react. And once again, it seems like he didn't tell Hitagi everything, though I wonder if it had anything to do with Tsubasa's longstanding request that he keep it a secret.

Though it's not all his bad side - of course his 'saviour' side came out again, although this time he attributes it to him repaying the debt from spring to Tsubasa. Not quite sure how she helped him though - and it seems like Tsubasa herself doesn't quite understand why he's so grateful either.

Well, I'm hopefully not going to start an impressions post for each episode (no time!), but til next web episode - or, more probably, news about it - goodbye to that ahoge!
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