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The wait is over!! Cross Game chapter 151!!

Doing a few too many things now, but I'll always have time to look at my current favourite manga!

The chapter starts off with a colour spread, including a portrait of Aoba, before segueing into, of all things, an old man yelling at some kids for kicking a soccer ball against his wall. His conversation with his wife turns to a young boy who used to come everyday to throw a baseball at the same wall, a boy who cried whilst he was pitching. After a while, the sound of the ball striking the wall changed, and the boy no longer shed any tears. By the time he stopped coming, probably because he had graduated, his pitches were no longer that of a primary school kid.

"Do you think he's still playing baseball?"
"Perhaps. But if he were, he'd definitely be the Ace of a high school team somewhere."

Back to Meiji Jingu stadium...slugger and Ace have a short chat, with Koh joking that he planned to pitch 15 innings right from the start. When Azuma notes that the game might end in a tie to be continued another day, Koh hands him his bat and helmet...

"If possible, (let's) decide this today..."

Hm...both teams are starting from the 4th batter in the 10th...oh, that's right. Didn't count the batters last time, but Ryuoh's 3rd batter got a hit.

Coach Maeno tells Koh that he can walk Mishima if Oikawa walks Azuma...but Koh confidently says that he won't, in order to ensure that there'll be another match with Mishima.

After a strike and a foul (i.e. 2 strikes on the scoreboard), Junpei grabs a megaphone from Aoba.

"Enjoy it! Yuuhei!"

Anything but the homerun - I definitely won't let you hit one!

Azuma swings...and connects well. The stadium erupts as the ball approaches the stands...but it falls 10 cm short of clearing the fence! Azuma rounds 2nd and makes 3rd by a hair's breadth (well, according to the commentator).

But Azuma, who keeps his cool even after striking a homer, raises his fist in celebration - no outs with a runner on 3rd, it's a huge opportunity to score! Come on Akaishi!

I think they all know how hard it is to get extra bases, much less home runs off Oikawa. Has he even let one through? Koh has, against Miki...and the only other person he'll face who could probably clear the fence is Mishima Keitarou. So what will it be?
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