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Cross Game 152 (and some Touch spoilers too)

...was out unexpected early this week. If I'd looked carefully, I'd have read it yesterday, but well, 'twas still nice to get it today!



They walked both Akaishi and Koh!

So Seishu didn't score, and Koh now has to face Mishima.

Hm...actually, I think this makes the rest of the game clearer.

I'm gonna guess that there will be three at-bats this Ryuoh innings for three outs. Koh might hit 159km against Mishima, or the latter will hit a huge fly ball that someone barely manages to grab, after a few fouls perhaps. The 11th innings will fly past. Then Azuma will hit a home run at the top of the 12th, and someone will get on base for Ryuoh, so that Mishima will be the last batter Koh faces. And it'll be the final innings, because if Mishima matches Azuma, then Ryuoh will win, but if Koh keeps him from scoring, it'll be Seishu's victory.

And well, Koh will hit 160km with his final pitch.

Oh a separate note, I took a peek at the final game in Touch again recently, where Tatsuya took on Nitta. Man, I would never have been able to predict any of that - like, the decisive run being scored by Tat-chan stealing home. Of course, if Ryuoh is audacious as to walk all three of them, perhaps there'll be an attempt to steal home here too.
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