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I found out this week that the commentary for the 4th Bakemonogatari arc, Nadeko Snake, will be given by Nadeko and...*drumroll*...Oshino Meme.

First thought: やった!!櫻井さんだ! especially since this is the best character he's done in a while.

Second thought: er...the most naive character...and the most knowledgeable one?

This will be interesting. The end of the year can't come soon enough!

Also, we've now had
Senjougahara and Hanekawa for Hitagi Crab,
Hachikuji and Hanekawa for Mayoi Snail,
Kanbaru and Senjougahara for Suruga Monkey,
and Sengoku and Oshino for Nadeko Snake.

Two more DVDs to come, so will it be two more sets of commentators? I mean, we haven't seen Araragi himself yet, after all - perhaps he will feature on the last two, partnering Hanekawa, though I feel that it would be difficult for Hanekawa to comment on episode 12!

What if we had AraraguxSenjougahara? It would be a really nice touch if the couple were the last commentators - 5 commentary tracks of sparring between Araragi and Senjougahara would be something to look forward to! But no matter what, it's still Hanekawa"s arc!
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