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More Hellsing? and damn alarms...

Anime on DVD (Monday, April 18) reports that Geneon Entertainment is working on a series of OVA for Hellsing. It should be a continuation (sort of) of the anime series, and based on the manga.

I can't find it on any official sites, so whilst the ad looks authentic (somewhat...35 minute OVA??) and everything, I'll keep any celebrations until it's actually announced somewhere...or maybe I'll ask a friend if he's heard anything.

If it's true anyway, my brother's going to be very happy.

In the last 48 hours, I've had to make it through a grand total of three irritating alarms...a fire drill, at an un-godly time PAST MIDNIGHT...at first rejoiced that it wasn't at 6am instead (as most of my friends would know, I seldom sleep before midnight anyway...), until some idoit's car alarm woke me up 7am (might as well have had the drill at 6!)...and then today, there was a false alarm at uni which extended my time there by 20 minutes or so...as if missing out on an hour's sleep on top of the essay I had to finish by today wasn't enough!!

But I know at least three others who've been through worse (although I didn't actually hear any complaints from one of them himself), so a little rant will do...

I'll do a proper update...soon...gotta change a few communities and settings here and there first...

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