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当たった! Cross Game 153

It's a bit weird...Cross Game's coming out really really early these days.

Koh starts off with a 157km strike. Mishima notes that it's unfair that only he gets that treatment, to which Akaishi returns "That's the fate of the clean-up hitter, right?"

Mishima then swings one into the stands...a foul by a matter of 10 centimeters...

The next one is a liner to first, which Azuma hangs on to (hell, I hope his hands are fine!). And it looks like Koh has great faith in Azuma as a fielder too (大丈夫と思ったみたい)

Even Mizuki at home is getting worked up...and thanks to Nomo, he finds Aoba's old diaries, although he decides that he shouldn't give in to temptation...at this point, anyway.

The innings ends on a strikeout - neither team has made an error yet, a heart-pounding match!

p.s. the new commentator is just as KY as the old one, though in contrast to the over-confident speculation of Kuruma-san, Tsunoda-san is far too literal!
Tags: cross_game

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