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「The King of Eden」 見た!!


昨日は総集編の「Air Communication」を見たが、テレビシリーズを見たおかげか、総集編の内容やセリフがそんなに難しくなかったか、だいたい大丈夫だったが...



Ah...before that, some notes. Which I will probably have to add to.

Let's start with the humouress moments!
  • When Saki meets Takizawa-kun again, he really doesn't remember her, though she manages to get him to help her track down her purse and his phone. To Saki's dismay, he tells her that she's got the wrong person, as he's "Iinuma Akira"... A bit later in the car, Saki says she's found the person that she's been looking for, but he doesn't remember her. To which Takizawa quickly reacts..."That's horrible!" (ひどい!)
  • The airline that Saki flies to NY is IGAL. (cf. IG Production and JAL)
  • ack...there are lots of littler moments, such as Onee's obvious support for the couple, but the above two were the main things that made me laugh (inside).

Between then and now...(there's more in the program, which I'll look at another time)
  • After the missiles were shot down, police came and accosted everyone - though they looked like they were cheering for Takizawa-kun. (This is based on the few scenes included in the film's opening sequence.)
  • Saki found the phone and heard Takizawa-kun's message three days later. In the intervening 6 months, she has made several trips to Washington D.C. to try and find him.
  • Hirasawa and co. have set up Eden of the East as a real company - some of their employees are (former) NEETs who do indeed look upon the company as a paradise (i.e. they tend to slack).
  • Itazu has uploaded the data from the Selecao phones onto the Eden server, and has been able to create a running record of it.
  • Few of the Selecao have been active in the intervening 6 months, no. 2 being the major exception - he has been producing/pushing the "Air King" brand in Japan.
  • No. 1 has failed to find Mr. Outside, after which he has disappeared.
  • No. 10 has disappeared.
  • Even no. 11 has stopped hunting "Johnnies".
  • Also, it turns out that the Supporter did not kill no. 5 (Hiura-san), but simply erased his memory.

In the course of the film...(what I got)
  • Saki finally figures out that Takizawa's message is referring to New York. However, the other Selecao have worked out that he is...
  • No. 6 turns out to be some douche bag who is apparently trying to make a movie as part of his plan to save the world...he causes trouble for Saki because he figures that the prince will come to save 'the damsel in distress', and later blows up Takizawa's apartment to create more chaos.
  • No. 11 has also gone to New York...in order to support No. 9...
  • No. 1 takes advantage of the chaos caused by No. 6, and starts getting rid of the opposition. He orders some missile attacks, targeting the trailers that we saw leaving the scene at the end of episode 11. He manages to destroy 2 and 12, which results in the respective Selecao being taken offline. His final target seems to be No. 9, but thanks to Kuroha's sacrifice, Takizawa is still in the game.
  • However, he also compromises the Eden of the East server, and seems to be working to erase all traces of Takizawa Akira's existence.
  • No. 1 is also in cohorts with the previous PM, who seems to have been ousted from power, but...

Confirmations and speculation
  • The most interesting thing the film revealed/confirmed, in my opinion, is that Juiz is actually a group of 12 supercomputers, one for each of the Selecao. The different supercomputers seem to have slightly different personalities. For example, no. 6's Juiz is apt to decline his requests, frustrating him to no end.
  • Now that no. 12, whom almost everyone assumed is the Supporter, has apparently been taken out of the game, is there no way to stop no.1? Although I'm personally assuming that the destruction of his Juiz will not prevent him from showing up sometime in the next movie...

p.s. there is one final thing that has me in trepidation about how the 2nd movie is going to end. Already, the subtitle "Paradise Lost" suggests that things are going to take a turn for the worse. However, the last real page of the booklet puts it in words beside Takizawa-kun's pensive face:


that is...

I'm sorry. It looks like we can't be together from here on.
I'm trying to figure out if he means 'because you'll be in danger, since it's come to this', or if that really is foreshadowing for a bittersweet ending. After all, Kamiyama-sensei (the director) has stressed that the story covers "the 11 days that Saki spent with Takizawa" (source).

More thoughts later, when I've had time to digest and read some more info!

p.p.s I almost forgot! Taking the opportunity of coming to the mainland on a business trip (translation course seminar), I went to the one theatre in Osaka that's showing it and managed to get an ok seat (the guy in front of me had spiky hair...). It was a small theatre - 8 rows of 12 seats, and the attendants cautioned people against taking front row seats, but other than those 2-3 rows, every other seat was taken. Mostly by guys. And most of the girls who went were there with their boyfriends...I felt a little bit out of place...
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