k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Cross Game 154...

Er...nothing much happens really.

As expected, three batters for three outs each innings of the 11th. It seems like Oikawa was trying very hard to as to make sure that Azuma didn't come out to bat.

Oh, and Adachi-sensei breaks the fourth wall again, this time by having Aoba tell him how to finish the innings (with Azuma leading off, Seishuu gets a run, before Koh doesn't let Mishima have another at-bat).

However, Aoba almost gets hit in the face by a foul, as she recalls the day she came across Koh crying and throwing at the wall (2/3 chapters before).

Back at the Tsukushima home, Mizuki finishes going through Aoba's diaries, and is able to reassure himself that Aoba hates Koh, because she's only been badmouthing him. What's surprising however, is that she's been badmouthing him for a long time, from elementary school right through to high school. (p.s. and given the location of the box, I'd say that Aoba's most recent entries, in the book she's keeping now, weren't amongst them...)
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