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Nodame Opera AKT:1

Looks like a certain site is going to upload the raw soon, so I won't have to scan it in. All well and good.

But time to spam about it anyway!

As I wrote before, I felt a bit ambivalent about the last chapter of Nodame. As a result, I wasn't all that excited about the Opera chapters, and ended up buying Kiss vol 24 only because there is a calendar, and you can send in to try and win some Nodame stuff.

I didn't even read it until yesterday (bought it on the weekend)...but I'm sooooo glad I finally did, because even though the whole "Chiaki's going to conduct an Opera with the RS Orchestra" isn't what I wanted to see (I mean, where's the Nodame-Chiaki concerto???), the last few pages of the chapter completely cracked me up.

Chiaki asks Nodame to head to where they're staying first...but Nodame wants to go see the S-orchestra and introduce herself as Chiaki's girlfriend for the first time.
A parade for her "triumphant return" to Japan, so to speak...*sweatdrops*

At the university, the RS Orchestra members are going crazy:
"You've got to be kidding!"
"I can't believe it!"
"It's a miracle!"
"A dream come true!!"

"Kuroki-kun has brought a blond, blue eyed girlfriend back with him!"
And this time, despite the look on Yasu's face, neither of them is denying it...
"Er...she said she wanted to come on a holiday to Japan no matter what, so..."
"This is Tanya Vishnyova...(she's Russian)"

Banner: Kuroki Yasunori's Triumphant Return to Japan
(Sound effects of cheering and clapping)
"What is this?"
"The inauguration of the President?"
Banner: Nodame Parade Cancelled

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