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I went to see the first Nodame Cantibile movie with one of my teachers today...sooooo giddy! Though there were a couple of blips in the screening/playback, I feel like they upped the ante from the tv series. I used to think that
manga >> live-action >>>> anime

...but now, the live-action is fighting for top spot in my heart! I think it's probably down to Ueno Juri and the music, because the music is just fantastic! I could just watch the performances over and over again!

Yes, I'm just spamming really - but there were a couple of things about the movie that really moved me. The first was the moment when Nodame tells Chiaki to "read the mood!" when Theo mistakenly assumes that Chiaki called Rui to help the Marlet Orchestra perform. It showed both how much Chiaki cares about Nodame's music, and also that Nodame is actually quite mature in one sense...although I do wonder if part of it was her inferiority complex starting to kick in. And that brings me to the second part that made me gasp...the first performance of the reborn Marlet, and the effect it had on Nodame were really well put together! Can't wait for the next movie, which is due April 17!

p.s. I was shocked to find, however, that virtually all the new Nodame merchandise is sold out!
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