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It's back it's back!!

Damn internet connection died again on Saturday...fourth time that I've experienced this year, though some of my friends claim that it's the 6th or 7th disconnection. So I can definitely say that it's not because I am downloading too much...

Exceedingly late...but yes, it is Suwabe Junichi's week at  seiyuu. I've pretty much given up on everything besides Radio Shows though...or I'll have to buy another HDD and I just can't afford that atm...

Slowly catching up on GSD as well...finished 23 recently (loved Shinn's reaction to being owned by Kira...and Heine's death was just pathetic...). Might be up to ep 27 by the end of this week (fingers crossed) but I'll be finishing Chrno Crusade (クロノクルセイド) first...unfortunately, it isn't one of those series I feel like marathoning, especially from about ep 18 onwards...

Found out that Anime-Keep has split, which is damn annoying since I'm still waiting for them to finish Rozen Maiden (ローゼンメイデン) and to catch-up with Bleach (ブリーチ)...

I want a Japanese keyboard...wouldn't mind a Chinese one either actually...

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