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Kuroshitsuji's 2nd season...

When I first heard about this, I was astounded, because Ciel DIED at the end of the first season. Bringing him back to continue with plotlines from the manga would have been weird!

Last Saturday's Kuroshitsuji event revealed the first details of the so-called 2nd season.

However, it turns out that it's not going to be a 'continuation' of the first season, but rather a new story with a new master and butler. In place of Ciel and Sebastian, we get Claude Faustius (クロード・フォースタス) and Alois Trancy (アロイス・トランシー). To put it another way, no more OnoD...instead, we have Sakurai Takahiro...

(eto...don't really care about Nana Mizuki taking over from Sakamoto Maaya...*sweatdrops*)

Don't get me wrong. I love Sakurai-san...but I just can't imagine Kuroshitsuji without Sebastian. Sebastian and OnoD make Kuroshitsuji more than bearable for me, even in the manga where the story just keeps getting more and more ridiculous... A Kuroshitsuji without Sebastian is unimaginable - I'd rather they change the name!!

p.s. Claude is meant to call his master "Your Highness". Given Sakurai-san's most (in)famous recent role, I just about snorted, even though the key phrase for the latter was "Your Majesty".

p.p.s. ...is there actually a good nickname for him? Adding -san all the time seems so formal! Apparently, there's たかぴろ (Takapiro), 部長 (Buchou), さっく (Sakku) and サクちゃん (Saku-chan). He doesn't seem to have one that most people seem to use....though I'm guessing that listening to Cherry Bell would be my best bet to finding out...

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