k-chan (karice67) wrote,

Cross Game Finale

Waaah....it's OVER!!!

Whilst it doesn't end with the pairing I was half hoping for (admittedly, that would have been strange since it was kinda obvious who Koh liked all the way through - it was Aoba that I was never sure about, although the anime went out of its way to make it clearer), I'm happy with this ending...sort of. I wish Adachi-sensei would let us see some of Koshien, perhaps even have Seishu win it!

But more importantly, I'd love to see a little time-skip chapter, maybe of Junpei and Ichiyo's wedding, and what becomes of the Wakaba's presents!

Full thoughts on this sometime next week, once I've read the reliable translation!

Tags: cross_game

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