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The 4th episode of Tsubasa Cat is finally streaming from the official Bakemonogatari website. I'm guessing they put it up really late last night, because I checked just after I had dinner and got nothing. Of course, given how demanding we fans are, I don't expect to be able to actually get a streaming slot for a while, if ever.

We do have a tentative date for the 5th episode, however. March 17th. Based on the fact that this episode will be streamed until 23:59 on the 16th anyway. All in time for the DVD release on the 24th!! March is shaping up to be a much better month than February was!

edit (21:50): ahhhhh!! I should have been checking the staff blog! The encoding finished around 8pm, it was uploaded(? "docking?) by 9pm and then subjected to final checks. Around midnight, the bandai channel stream was up.

And yes, I did manage to stream it! v(^_^)v Loved it, and absolutely cannot wait for the DVD!!

(the only thing is...I still don't quite get why everyone LOVES Hanekawa. If it's just because of the cat...then I expect that most if not all people with that opinion are guys.)

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