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Translation: [Drama CD] Seven Days, FRIDAY A.M.

: dialogue
: (thoughts/actions)
: [translator's notes]

I've used the names the characters are most commonly addressed by (i.e. Yuzuru and Seryou) because it gets a bit confusing otherwise.

Please DO NOT post this elsewhere (links are ok), and DO NOT USE IT FOR SCANLATIONS of the manga!


Girls: Good morning! Seryou-kun! You're waiting for Shino-sempai again...?

Seryou: Yuzuru-san!

Yuzuru: (Huh...? Ah...again surrounded by girls first thing in the morning...?)

Girls: Shino-sempai! Good morning!

Yuzuru: (Ah...but come to think of it, they weren't there yesterday morning.)

Seryou: G'morning.

Yuzuru: I see...

Yuzuru: I see I see...

Seryou: What...Yuzuru-san?

Yuzuru: I see.

Seryou: eh? What...?


Yuzuru: (That's right. Yesterday morning, Seryou was definitely behaving
strangely. And with the heavy atmosphere he had, girls won't cluster around him like they always do, huh? Thinking about what might have been on his mind back then, the name that pops up first is...)

Teacher: We'll be continuing this next lesson, so make sure you revise what we did

Yuzuru: (Shino. The name I saw in Seryou's handphone...was written like this,
if memory serves. And she was the one who called him, meaning (there's still something there, right?)
Shino, huh?
Shino. Shino. Shino. Shino. Shino.
Utsumi: Shi~no!

Yuzuru: What about Shino!

Utusmi: Eh...?! Shino?

Yuzuru: Ah...you mean me?

Utsumi: Well, yeah, I just said "Shino", didn't I?

Yuzuru: Ah...that's right. I'm "Shino" too...ah, that's the worst thing...it's confusing.
Don't you think so too?

Utsumi: Well no, sorry. I have no idea what you're on about.
Well, whatever. I might have a nice little surprise for you and your weary heart.

Yuzuru: It's not like I'm not tired or anything.

Utsumi: Don't worry abou it. Are you free next Sunday?

Yuzuru: Sunday? Why? Want to go somewhere?

Utsumi: Well, that day, I have to carry something for my older sister.
So, here...I thought I'd pass this to you.

Yuzuru: Tickets for a movie preview?
[lit: postcards. But I don't think we get those in the West...]

Utsumi: Yup. It's limited to this time though.

Yuzuru: For me?

Utsumi: Well, they were free anyway.

Yuzuru: For real? Yahoo! Thank you! Free tickets! Free tickets!

Utsumi: I see...you have a girlfriend at the moment, huh?

Yuzuru: Huh? Why do you ask?

Utsumi: Hm, that's the impression I got just then.
It's as if...you've already decided who you're going to ask.
Spot on, right?

Yuzuru: Right.


Yuzuru: They're doing high jump? That jumper colour...first years, huh?
[In Japan, the sports uniforms for each year level are a different colour. At my school, it's green, red and blue.]

Jumper: uughah...

Watchers: Missed it...that guy...

Seryou: (chuckles)

Yuzuru: ah, it's Seryou.

Seryou: huh? (jogs over) ah...Yuzuru-san!

Yuzuru: Sure it's ok? What about your lesson?

Seryou: yeah. Everyone's doing their own thing whilst waiting for their turn.
Hm...a sketchbook?

Yuzuru: yup. We're sketching outside today, see?

Seryou: Yuzuru-san, it's rather unexpected that you chose art as your optional
subject. I didn't know you were an artist.

Yuzuru: As if I would be. It's because there are no tests, of course.

Seryou: (That's deceitful.)

Girls: Look, it's Seryou-kun! High jump? That'll be a subject to capture.
Perhaps everyone will really draw him...! No...really?! (laughter)

Yuzuru: (Ah. Those girls have really started claiming all the best spots...???)

Seryou: Yuzuru-san, how about you? Will you be drawing me too?

Yuzuru: Huh? What for? There's no way I'd do something that troublesome!

Seryou: Yuzuru-san...

Yuzuru: Ah, that's right. Seryou, do you want to go to a (movie) preview?

Seryou: A preview? Together with you?

Yuzuru: Yup. I got some tickets.

Seryou: Definitely. When?

Yuzuru: Next Sunday, I think...yup, that's it. Think you can go?

Seryou: ...next week?

Yuzuru: (Oh, that's right...next week, the two of us won't be...)

Classmate: Seryou! Your turn's coming up!

Seryou: Got it!
About the movie...let's talk about it again after. So...later then.

Koike: Somehow...the two of you...

Yuzuru: Huuhuh!

Koike: Seryou and you...don't seem to have just a normal sempai-kouhai
relationship, don't you think? Talking at the fence with your faces so close together...
(lit: senior-junior, but I don't want this to be confused with the American terms)

Yuzuru: If you put it that way...Koike-chan, you're really close...

Girl: Koike, don't be an idiot.
Look, we've come at a good time, right for Seryou's jump it seems.

Koike: Ah, nice!

Voices: Wahoo! Amazing! Cool, huh?

Koike: He really looks good whatever he does, huh?

Girl: He's...really a catch, Seryou-kun...maybe I should try my best next week.

Yuzuru: Ah.

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