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Translation: [Drama CD] Seven Days, FRIDAY P.M.

: dialogue
: (thoughts/actions)
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: [translator's notes]

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Seryou: Eh?

Yuzuru: Here, have the tickets. Go with your girlfriend next week or something.
Or maybe...why don't you ask Shino? You still like her, don't you?
If you can't give her up, there's no helping it.

Seryou: Why...why are you saying this?

Yuzuru: Eh?

Seryou: When you were upset with me yesterday, when you said that the one going 
out with me now was you, I was really happy...but now...

Yuzuru: (Why is it...? It's strange, even though he's not (weak or anything), I feel
like I want to hug him for some reason...)

Seryou: Why is it so difficult? Falling in love with someone...is really tiring.

Yuzuru: She's not very discerning, is she?

Seryou: Huh?

Yuzuru: The person who dumped you...she's not very discerning at all. If the girls
at our school knew about this [he's referring to Shino dumping Seryou], they'd scream. Right?

Seryou: Yuzuru-san, people often tell you that you're dense, don't they?

Yuzuru: Huh? How come?

Seryou: You may look sensitive, and attentive to details, but you're really rough,
completely opposite from how you look. You do things the moment they
come to mind, and what you do and try are really astounding.

Yuzuru: (I know that... Many girls have already told me the same thing.)

Seryou: On top of that, you're quite frank, so you do and say things without

Yuzuru: (But even so, I can't help it, can I?)

Seryou: Furthermore, because it's something you don't think about much, you
quickly toss it out and then forget about it.

Yuzuru: (Because that's how I am.)
{Girl: That side of you...}

Seryou: That side of you...

Yuzuru: {Girl: I'm disappointed by it.}

Seryou: ...is something I like.

Yuzuru: Thank you...

Seryou: Eh?

Yuzuru: I'm glad..

Seryou: You mean...?

Yuzuru: I've always been told that I'm showing my bad side. I'm always
disappointing my girlfriends, and surprising my friends, who say they just
don't get it. It's the first time I've been told that I'm ok just the way I am. So
thank you.

Seryou: You really are, suprisingly dense....

Girl: Shino-sempai!

Yuzuru: Eh?

Girl: May I...please have a bit of your time...?

Yuzuru: Ah, sure.
Seryou, I'm sorry, but why don't you go ah-...

Seryou: !...I'll wait for you..

Yuzuru: Eh?

Seryou: I'll wait for you here.

Yuzuru: Then...shall we talk up there?

Girl: Yes..!
And so. Um...I'm sorry to call you out suddenly...but I...since first year, I've
always liked you...

Yuzuru: (Seryou...was a bit strange just then. {!...I'll wait.. } His face at that time...
{I'll wait here}...make me uneasy. Argh...I've got to get back quickly...)

Girl: ...it's no good, after all, is it? Someone like me...

Yuzuru: Eh...ah. (That's terrible of me! What am I thinking, even though this girl is
doing her best!)
What's...your name?

Sanae: I'm...Nijou Sanae.

Yuzuru: Sanae-chan

Sanae: Yes!

Yuzuru: Sanae-chan, what do you like about me?

Sanae: That...well...when I look at you from far away, I think you look beautiful,
like...you have class. You're really cool...you're my ideal person!

Yuzuru: I see...thank you. But...I'll surely disappoint you.

Sanae: That's not t...

Yuzuru: I'm sorry, I'm going out with someone at the moment.

Sanae: ah...what kind of person is she?

Yuzuru: Someone who (why is it..?) says that I'm fine the way I am. (...that my heart
hurts a little...)


Yuzuru: Your place, where is it?

Seryou: Eh?

Yuzuru: Your house! It's seems like you're always sending me home.

Seryou: Well...I do that because I want to.

Yuzuru: Yup, so I want to do the same.

Seryou: Then...we have to head back.

Yuzuru: Huh? The stairs...we're not going down?

Seryou: My house is in Yamate after all.

Yuzuru: Yamate?

[The Yamate (山手) he's talking about should be the Yamate Bluff area in Yokohama. High up on a hill, it was a foreigners' neighbourhood back in the Bakumatsu and Meiji periods, and is home to either incredibly well-off Japanese people, or expatriates. Hence Yuzuru's stunned reaction.]


Yuzuru: (There really are houses which have fountains between their gate and the
main door...)
uh...? Well, I was thinking that rich people really have it all. Looks, reflexes, a
huge house to live in...there's nothing more you could want, right?

Seryou: There's...not true.

Yuzuru: Hm...what's up? Why are you staring at me like that?

Betler: Welcome back, sir.*

Seryou: I'm back.*

Yuzuru: (Wow...a grandfather butler like you'd see out of a manga!)

Seryou: uh...Yuzuru-san, what are you doing? Please don't just stand there, you'll
come in, won't you?

Yuzuru: ah...heh...pardon the intrusion.*

[*these are just set phrases that Japanese people use in these situations, except that the butler's greeting is really formal when compared to something I'd say.]

Shino: Welcome back, Touji!

Seryou: Shino...

Yuzuru: (eh? Shino?)

Seryou: So you came after all...

Shino: heh. ahh...so...pretty! Oh dear...I love this kind of face! Who is it? A
friend of yours, Touji?

Seryou: A sempai. Hey...you'll embarrass Yuzuru-san, so...

Yuzuru: (What is this...?)

Shino: Eh?? It's fine, right?

Yuzuru: (I'm getting a bit annoyed...)

Shino: I see, so you're Yuzuru-kun. Wow...you really have beautiful skin..!

Yuzuru: (somehow...)

Seryou: Shino!

Yuzuru: (somehow, I really...)

Shino: ...let me touch it for a bit.

Yuzuru: (...hate this.)

Seryou: Shino, stop playing around. You'll make me angry.

Shino: eh?

Yuzuru: (...you don't want to let her touch me...you still like her that much?!)

Shino: ah...I see! 2 years older, rather than cute...beautiful? That's who, right? Even
more than me, the p-

Seryou: Shino!

Shino: ...Wh...what's with you? My lipstick's smudged! thanks to you.

Yuzuru: ...the hec...

Shino: eh?

Yuzuru: What the heck!?!
...the hell with this!

Shino: He's gone...

Seryou: You're kidding me, right?

Shino: ...wait? What...you too, Touji? Hey! hmph...

Natsuki: Kind of noisy down here...what have you done to Touji this time?

Shino: Natsuki..?

Natsuki: what happened?

Shino: Touji's...been stolen.


Seryou: ...w..wait...!!

Yuzuru: Don't follow me!
(What am I doing? Why have I been running? I have no idea...but, right now...)
I don't want to see your face at all!!

Seryou: You suddenly... What's wrong?

Yuzuru: ...said...don't follow... just go home!

Seryou: Please tell me what's wrong...even just what you're angry about...

Yuzuru: (What I'm angry about?)
I...what...? What am I...?

Seryou: Wait, behind you! The stairs!

Yuzuru: (A friend said...that seven days was enough for a dream...)

Seryou: !..Yuzuru-san...!

Yuzuru: (But for me, that one week, those seven days...were long enough for me to fall
in love.)

Seryou: ...t was close...

Yuzuru: Seryou...

Seryou: uh...ah, I'm sorry! Does your arm hurt?

Yuzuru: No...(but...it feels really warm where you grabbed me...)

Seryou: ...are you ok?

Yuzuru: (...ok? No, I'm not ok! Today...what day is it!? By the time I'd realised it,
there were just two days left...until Sunday)
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