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Translation: [Drama CD] Seven Days, SATURDAY After School

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Rather than stopping all the time - I can't type that quickly!! - I just listened to this one over and over. Took...maybe 10 passes...so if I've missed anything, let me know!!

Please DO NOT post this elsewhere (links are ok), and DO NOT USE IT FOR SCANLATIONS of the manga!


Tajiri: Seryou-kun~. Hey there! Good work today!

Seryou: Sempai...

Tajiri: I'm really surprised that you've been coming to practice recently. What's

Seryou: If I don't participate seriously, I'd be scolded.
[lit. someone will be angry at me]

Taji: hm? By whom? The teacher? Well, nevermind, wanna go have lunch

Seryou: I'm sorry, I'm already meeting someone.

Tajiri: Ah! Your weekly girlfriend, right?

Seryou: (uh..."weekly...")

Tajiri: I see...so I just have to wait til Monday~ hu...
(er...Seryou looks a bit angry...)

Seryou: Can I make a call?

Tajiri: ah...go ahead... (did I say something bad?)

Seryou: eh?

Tajiri: There seems to be a phone ringing nearby? ...maybe on the other side of the
gate? EH!? Seryou-kun?

Yuzuru: Ah...I thought I might have heard your voice somewhere nearby...
I had nothing to do waiting around at home anyway, so I ended up coming~.

Seryou: ("I ended up coming~"...that's just...cute...)
Yesterday, after last night...Yuzuru-san was a bit strange on the way home...
but he was the one who arranged to meet up today.)

Tajiri: Oh...! Ah! so that's it, you promised to meet Shino-sempai.
Wah! Sorry sorry! Forget the strange things I said earlier!

Yuzuru: hm...what's this about?

Tajiri: Don't worry about it...! Anyway, Shino-sempai, if you're coming to school
in the first place, you should drop by the dojo for a bit!

Yuzuru: Well, if a retired senior comes by so often, everyone will be annoyed,

Tajiri: What are you saying? If you come by even just for a peep, we'll get more

Yuzuru: No way! If you put it like that, then maybe I'll drop by practice tomorrow!?

Tajiri: Really? You'll definitely come? Pinky swear*?!

Seryou: (Hang on...)

Yuzuru: Pinky swear!*

Seryou: (That's...)

Yuzuru & Tajiri: No breaking it!!* yay!
[*The ubiquitous "yubikiri genman" How do we do this in the West again?]

Seryou: (...aren't you getting along too well? ...and after high-fiving, why are your
hands still...?)

Yuzuru: hm...Seryou?

Tajiri: What's wrong?

Seryou: (What kind of face was I making just now? I must have looked horrible...
Scary...jealousy is...scary!)

Yuzuru: Hm...Oi~

Club members: eh? Shino-sempai?
Good work! Good work!

Yuzuru: Good work! Though I haven't done anything...

Club member(s): You're here? Then you should drop by the dojo too.
Sempai...you actually hate us, don't you?

Tajiri: He says he'll come by tomorrow...!

Club members: Oooohh!

Tajiri: Then, I'll head off first. 'tomorrow!

Club members: Good work!

Seryou: (Reason...I've got to be reasonable....)
haha...you're really popular.

Yuzuru: What was that "forget it" just then?

Seryou: eh?

Yuzuru: Tajiri said something, didn't she...to forget about something...

Seryou: Ah...she asked to have lunch together...

Yuzuru: Eh...what's with this? Getting invited out all the time. Don't you dare cheat
on me! Ah...an empty stomach seems to make me blurt out silly demands.
Hey, what should we ea...? Oi...what's with you? What you laughing at? Are 
you missing a screw somewhere...?

Seryou: ...feel happy... I told you before, didn't I? I'm the type that likes to be held
down by someone. ...you said..."Don't you dare cheat on me!" Hey, could you
say it again...?

Yuzuru: ...!...you little...masochist! First year Seryou Touji is a weirdo.
[lit: a "natural"...but that has a different connotation in English]

Seryou: (I can't imagine it. It feels so natural to have him by my side...but it'll
change...just because of tomorrow..)

Yuzuru: Se~ryou~!

Seryou: (I didn't want to think about it.)


Yuzuru: 2pm, huh?

Seryou: What shall we do?

Yuzuru: hm...I feel like...lounging around a bit.

Seryou: ah...then how about coming over to my place?

Yuzuru: No thanks.

Seryou: Then...not my place.
(eh...he's suddenly in a bad mood...why?)

Yuzuru: Shino. She's still hanging around your place?

Seryou: (ah...she seems to have made up with my brother...)
...yeah, she might be over.

Yuzuru: Definitely not going.

Seryou: ...I'm sorry...about yesterday. She's like that with everyone...she doesn't
mean badly...

Yuzuru: What...? Why are you apologising?

Seryou: (why...? Somehow...)
eh! ah...what were we talking about?
(Yuzuru-san seems to have a painful look on his face...or is that just my

Yuzuru: Then...do you want to come over?

Seryou: huh?

Yuzuru: To my place. Don't want to?

Seryou: I'll go...!

Yuzuru: It's decided then.


Employee: Then, this is due back at 11pm tonight.

Yuzuru: Ok!
...kept you waiting. Great isn't it, that we can borrow one dvd just for the day?

Seryou: Ah, money...(eh, in my pocket...)

Yuzuru: Idiot. It's just 300 yen.

Seryou: (The movie tickets are still there...
{"How about going with your girlfriend next week?"}
No...not with just anyone...I..!)

Yuzuru: Seryou, why are you always just standing around hand in pocket? Let's go.

Employee: Thank you for your patronage.


Seryou: (How should I say it? How can I ask him so that he'll agree?...
Worrying over these questions, which I'd never thought about before...)

Yuzuru: Over here.

Seryou: (Being happy...or sad...at the slightest thing...)

Yuzuru: My place is just on the other side of this bridge.

Seryou: (That it won't turn out how I want it to...)

You live in a good place, huh?

Yuzuru: Ah, the location? Yeah, it's close to the station too.
Just so you know though, mine's is a normal apartment, not like yours at all.

Seryou: (It's difficult...in various ways.)
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