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($^&%"£*&!!, random gossip, and (#*$&^%@ fandoms...

(Orochimaru on the EvilGenius forum, April 16) "...leaving me with no time at all and also most of translator are slowly leaving too, that is putting me under lots of pressure,So i have decided to drop BReaction!,ElfenLied,FMA,Mar,NHK,MP0,Biomega and TenTen after our next update."


Well...Hagaren has been picked up by another group (and is also(?) being 'continued' by the same team with a new coordinator), but no word on MÄR yet...just have to wait and hope I guess...(time to find the raws...)

edit: Another series ending? Fujisaki Ryu (藤崎竜)'s series Waqwaq will be ending in Jump #23...which means that, with only 34 chapters, it's only something like 4 volumes long at the most!! I wonder if FujiRyu will create another manga I like as much as Houshin Engi (封神演義)...I'd hate it if he just disappeared, because Houshin is one of my favourites. Should go and read the original novel too...but it's in Chinese!!

As for the gossip: Guess who the latest Hollywood couple is... Publicists have confirmed that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, 16 years apart in age, are dating. Whilst I don't care about age differences and what not (besides the fact that this really isn't any of my business), I find it amusing that he was her first crush, according to one of the British tabloids...and the crush developed after she saw one of his first hits, when she was 4...

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Ralph Fiennes is playing Voldemort, which has got me looking forward to the film a bit more than before (it's sort of like the Gary Oldman (and Jason Isaacs) effect for the 3rd (and 2nd))!

But on to a more serious note...fandoms can be sooooo awful sometimes. It's been reported that rabid fans are conducting a hate campaign against the actress chosen to play Cho Chang, Katie Leung. Whilst tabloid new sources are not my cup of tea, sites exist which support that report. If you take a look at the hatelisting, you'll notice that there aren't that many members for a listing that's approaching it's first birthday. However, the fact that such a site exists is depressing; the reasons posted are so immature that I'm almost inclined to lobby governments to have tougher stances on defamatory remarks. I love having freedom-of-speech, but not when it's abused to such an extent.

I hardly thought things could get that much worse then Fruity Group, where wasabi_fiend and the mods are constantly being harassed about updates to the series...this is insane...

I know that this may seem trivial compared to some other issues *coughPaulineHansoncoughAdolfHitleretccough*, but what scares me is that this abuse has most probably been started and perpetuated by adolescent girls...what will they become in the future?

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