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GSD Live episode commentary!! (and discussion...)

GSD 28 finished airing probably about 45 minutes ago...and everyone (who wanted to) already knows exactly what happened. In a novel approach (well, I've never seen anyone do it before), JadeShadow on the animesuki forums created a 'Live commentary' thread, reporting dialogue and events throughout the episode! (Warning...JadeShadow is a Kira-fanboy...)

Besides that, exciting episode!! Freedom and Strike Rouge appear with the intent to help Minerva (and drive off the ORB forces), but both Shinn and Athrun become angry with them for that. Shinn attacks Cagalli, resulting in Kira trying to take him down, and subsequently, Athrun intervening. Shinn eventually heads off to fight the ORB forces, taking care of Auel in the process (is Morita-san gone from GSD then!?!), but Athrun confronts Kira (who takes down Sting in Chaos during their 'argument')!! Cagalli goes after Shinn (who has gone SEED, as expected) in an attempt to stop him from destroying the ORB fleet, but fails, and Shinn destroys the ORB flagship - the CO, Todaka goes down with the ship, but his subordinates are heading for a rendezvous with AA.

Might I say...I have been losing respect for Athrun throughout most of Destiny so far. It has generally been in small amounts because there's always been some situation which has contributed to his stupidity (can't think of the correct word atm...). Even after episode 25, when he basically told Kira and Cagalli off for interfering and told them to go back to ORB (how is that going to change anything when what she wanted to prevent were the unnecessary deaths of many ORB soldiers?); he hadn't noticed, politics wasn't working! But he'd just seen Heine get killed, so.... This time, I've lost all respect for him; for confronting Kira, who had been trying to help Minerva, and was trying to make sure Cagalli wasn't hurt, on the battlefield...he deserved to get taken down.

edit: I forgot - it's Tanaka Rie (田中理恵)'s week at seiyuu. Hope someone puts up the files of her appearances on Radio SEED and Radio SEED Destiny!

edit2: Bleach 177...@_@...damn Aizen...and when is _______ turning up? Then again, I don't think he's able to return to SS...

edit3: Evangelion 66 has been released (unsure as to exactly when though)...looks like it just might be finished after all...eventually...

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