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Translation: [Drama CD] Seven Days, SATURDAY Shino's House

: dialogue
: (thoughts/actions)
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: [translator's notes]

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Yuzuru: I'm back.

Yuzuru's sister: Ah..! Yuzu-ni, perfect timing!
Mum has already gone off to meet Dad,
and I'm about to head out myself too.

Yuzuru: Come on in.

Seryou: Excuse the intrusion.

Yuzuru's sister: H-H-H-Hel---

Yuzuru: It's fine since I'm here to look after the house right?
Just go wherever you want!

Yuzuru's sister: Why'd you have to hit me...?

Yuzuru: It's called love.

Seryou: ..cute, isn't she?

Yuzuru: Who, what, where?

Seryou: That's your sister, isn't it? She really looks like you, huh?

Yuzuru: Hm...then she's your type, right?

Seryou: huh?

Yuzuru: You said it before, didn't you? That you like my face.

Seryou: I...said something that embarrassing?

Yuzuru: You did too, don't forget something like that!
(laughs) I actually really hate it when someone says they like my face.

Seryou: Ah, I'm sorry.

Yuzuru: Apologising even though you don't remember? Here, grab a seat.

Seryou: But...I..

Yuzuru: Don't worry about it. I'm glad.

Seryou: But...it's not just your face.
(I...really love this person.)


Yuzuru: Hey...don't you think this is boring?

Seryou: Well...the person who wanted to see it no matter what-

Yuzuru: It was me.

Seryou: It...is rather boring.

Yuzuru: ...dammit! (makes a phone call)

Koike: yes?

Yuzuru: Give me back my video money, you idiot!

Seryou: Who did you just call? Not the video store..right?

Yuzuru: Koike-chan.

Seryou: Is it ok if I read your mail?
"You actually borrowed the DVD we talked about yesterday?
I can't believe it (LOL)"
We've watched over an hour and a half, huh?

Yuzuru: With this, it's like I'm always being tricked by her.

Seryou: Always? What else did she do to you?

Yuzuru: At Oka park...

Seryou: Oka park?

Yuzuru: Ah...I'm feeling sleepy after watching that boring video.

Seryou: (chuckles) I feel like I hear you say that once every day.

Yuzuru: Can't be helped today. I didn't really get any sleep last night.

Seryou: What were you doing?

Yuzuru: I was thinking...about you.

Seryou: (Eh? What...just now...why?)

Yuzuru: This spot...I touched it to see if it was a mole before too...

Seryou: (My heart...it's difficult...to breath.)

Yuzuru: Ah, I see. So...that's what it was last time too.
I...really am dense, aren't I?

Seryou: Ah...

Seryou & Yuzuru: (the phone rings) Ah!!

Yuzuru: Your phone. You should get it...!
Why don't you answer?

Seryou: Hey...Yuzuru-san, this...

Yuzuru: That call...who was it?

Seryou: Eh? I don't know, it was an unknown number...
This movie preview next week...I want to go with Yuzuru-san.

Yuzuru: As sempai-kouhai?

Seryou: Huh?

Yuzuru: ...answer it!

Seryou: ah...

Yuzuru: Answer it!
Nevermind, I'm going to return the DVD.

Seryou: I'll go with...

Yuzuru: Forget it. I'll go by myself.

Seryou: Again...every time I get my hopes up, it gets turned around.
I wonder...if he's fooling around with me...


Seryou: (No matter how many times I call, he doesn't answer.
It's gotten dark outside too.
What are you doing, Yuzuru-san?
Though I can't speak for myself...even if I go out to look for him,
I'm the only one in this house. I can't just leave the door open...)
Ah...welcome back.

Yuzuru's sister: Ah...huh? Where's Yuzu-ni...I mean, my brother?

Seryou: Well...he left suddenly and hasn't come back yet.

Yuzuru's sister: Huh...? Then you've been waiting here that long...all by yourself...?

Seryou: (Ah...I see. It's probably not a good thing if we're here together alone.
She's a girl, after all.)
Then, I'll head home.

Yuzuru's sister: Ah...but...

Seryou: Please tell Yuzuru-san for me when he gets back.
So...thank you for having me.

Yuzuru's sister: Ah...er, I'm sorry! Yuzu-ni is always like that,
not thinking about what's convenient for others...
He always does what he wants...so, I'm sorry...

Seryou: It's fine...it's troublesome, isn't it? But that...is also a part of Yuzuru-san.


Seryou: (So, I see. That's what I'm like, huh?
I guess...I still can't connect.
Ah...he picked up...!)
Yuzuru-san, you keep saying that I'm a masochist,
so I've started agreeing somehow.
Where are you?

Yuzuru: Were you like that with everyone?

Seryou: Huh?

Yuzuru: I always thought it a mystery.
Going out with someone for a week, denying yourself and changing so
frequently for their sake...realistically speaking, doesn't that mess people up?
But even after breaking up, no one had anything bad to say about you.
I've been wondering why that was.
But...I think I understand.
Going out with you...you make people feel comfortable, really comfortable.

Seryou: ("Hey, you know...Touji, you're really easy to understand.
I know that you really like all of me,
so being with you is nice...really comfortable. I like it.)
I'm really easy to understand, aren't I?

Yuzuru: What do you mean?

Seryou: Nothing. But Yuzuru-san, you always disappear all of a sudden...

Yuzuru: Because I got irritated.

Seryou: (Irritated...? That's different from what you said before...)

Yuzuru: Being that comfortable, whenever there was something,
no matter how small, that I couldn't stand, my head would spin
...and I would get irritated at myself.

Seryou: (This bridge...from here, you can see all the way to Yuzuru-san's place.)

Yuzuru: But even then, I started thinking about what should I do. About
howevers...and what ifs. But thinking about these things is not something
I usually do, and my head started getting cluttered.

Seryou: Yuzuru-san...? (What is this about?)

Yuzuru: Then I understood. I'm not suited for these kinds of things.

Seryou: (When was it that I started thinking...that everything would work out?)

Yuzuru: The preview tickets, can I have them?

Seryou: (I already know Yuzuru-san's mobile number, and his mail address too.)
(It's not like we'd return to being strangers.)
(If I tried my best to get close to him again, it'd be fine.)

Yuzuru: I've decided...these tickets aren't needed anymore.
So, til tomorrow, Seryou. See you then.


The last track should be done tomorrow or Tuesday, probably...
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