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The 4th Annual Seiyuu Awards

As just about every seiyuu fan has probably posted already, the 4th annual Seiyuu Awards were announced last night. There were apparently no leaks this year, meaning that fans from around the world were able to follow the live stream with great excitement, if they were so inclined. Unfortunately, I was busy...but no big loss. Without further ado, here are the main winners and what I think.

  • Best Male Lead: Ono Daisuke (as expected)
  • Best Female Lead: Sawashiro Miyuki (huh? though expected too)
  • Best Male Supporting: Miki Shinichirou and Namikawa Daisuke (one hand clapping)
  • Best Female Supporting: Inuoe Kikuko and Horie Yui (hm...I can buy that)
  • Tomiyama Kei Award: Nana Mizuki (She deserves it)
  • Overseas Fan Award: Saiga Mitsuki (I have completely lost touch with foreign fans)
  • Best Personality: Onosaka Masaya (LOL, but excellent choice)
  • Best New Actors: Abe Atsushi and Maeno Tomoaki (who? Though at least they didn't choose Irino Miyu!)
  • Best New Actresses: Itou Kanae and Toyosaki Aki (as above!)

Leaving honourifics out this time, for ease of writing.

Sawashiro Miyuki, known to me as Kanbaru in Bakemonogatari and now as Celty in Durarara!!. But seriously, how could they NOT award Chiwa Saitou for her amazing work in Bakemonogatari? Although many people were expecting this...

Namikawa Daisuke, I feel, deserves an award. I'm still split on Miki Shinichirou because, whilst he has had some good roles, I don't think that Mustang and 2009's Lockon were amongst his best. Furthermore, there were better supporting performances out there. But well, I'm resolute about the fact that Sakurai Takahiro will never be forgiven enough to be given an award.

Inuoe Kikuko probably needed an award at some stage, because she's really consistent. But Horie Yui really impressed me with Hanekawa, though I still don't really like her (because of Fruits Basket...).

Er...yeah, a big huh? from me for Saiga Mitsuki. I have no idea what shows are popular overseas at the moment. Nor how the voting works. Ah, but I suppose I should remember that people like Kamiya Hiroshi are really popular here not only because of their roles, but because of their radio work etc.

Awarding Onosaka Masaya means that they're becoming more accepting of lewd and/or somewhat rude craziness? Though I wonder if they'll ever extend that leniency to female personalities (e.g. Paku Romi and apparently Tamura Yukari...)? (btw, I didn't expect OnoD to pull off a double like HiroC did last year. He's extremely entertaining as HiroC's foil on DGS, but the Kuroshitsuji radio show left me in doubt as to whether he can carry a show like HiroC does, much less top someone like Masayan, who has his own radio show!)

I have nothing against Irino Miyu, who was apparently listed as being eligible for the "Best New Actor" category. However, he actually debuted almost 10 years ago (Spirited Away) if I'm not mistaken! Even with the ridiculous "debuted in the last 5 years" stipulation, he's obviously way outside the qualifying criteria despite his young age! And Maeno Tomoaki is Kiyokazu in Kobato, so I have actually heard and liked him in something.

Ok. All done.

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