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Translation: [Drama CD] Seven Days, SUNDAY

: dialogue
: (thoughts/actions)
: {memory}
: [translator's notes]

All done! Might write a few notes about it another day, but for now, I'm going to take a break and bury myself in something else.

Please DO NOT post this elsewhere (links are ok), and DO NOT USE IT FOR SCANLATIONS of the manga!


Club members: As expected of Shino-sempai!
All four shots hit the centre!
If only I could do the same!

Teacher: Good. Great shots. You have no doubts in your heart.

Teacher: First years!! Before your targets! Start!
What's wrong, Seryou?
Are you going to sit and stare at that target forever?
Were Shino's shots really that mesmerizing?

Seryou: Ah...no, I'm sorry.

Yuzuru: (Seryou?
huh? An early release?)

Club member: Seryou just then, was that an early release?

Club member: It was? That's a troublesome habit to fall into.
Even if you realise it, it's hard to correct.

Teacher: It doesn't seem like he can concentrate.
Focus on your shot!
[「一箭有心」This is a term used in Japanese archery.]
Yuzuru: (Seryou, what's up with you? Your set up's too long this time.)

Club members: After an early release, he holds it for too long?
He's a guy of extremes, huh?

Club member: Shh!

Yuzuru: (It's no good. If you focus on hitting the target too much, it won't hit.)

Teacher: The bow is a mirror that reflects the archer's heart.
Whether you can keep your presence of mind and concentrate on the target no matter the situation... Not being able to do that is proof that he simply hasn't had enough practice.


Yuzuru: Who's in charge of the key today?

Club member: Here, it's me!

Yuzuru: I want to have a word with Seryou, so can we keep using the clubroom
for a bit?

Club member: Ah...then...

Seryou: I'll take over for you.

Club member: Then I'll leave it to you.

Club members: He's been picked out~
Or something like that~
He's getting lectured, right? He was all over the place today, after all.

Yuzuru: You guys over there! No unnecessary prying from you!

Club members: ...yessir!

Club members: Then, we'll head out first!

Yuzuru: Yup, good work!

Club members: What should we do now?
How about karaoke? There's a new store near my place.
Karaoke? ...
Yuzuru: What's wrong? You seemed worn out today.

Seryou: I'm sorry...

Yuzuru: Even if you apologise...like that...
(I was just worried that something had happened...
This...it's as if I'm just interacting with a kouhai...
eh? Wait? The two of us haven't already broken up, have we?
It's almost 5pm. And Seryou...from before, he's been really distant.
I see...
He said nothing at the start, so even at the end...)
{Utsumi: At the end of the week, he'll say the following to his partner...
Seryou: I haven't come to like you...so let's break up.}
("I haven't come to like you"...that's really painful...)

Seryou: I also get worn out sometimes.

Yuzuru: eh?

Seryou: Yuzuru-san was just as perfect as usual, your example.
Concentrating just on your bow, your shots were the same as always.

Yuzuru: Ah...

Seryou: But I couldn't do that. My head was full of other things.

Yuzuru: That person...did something happen with Shino?

Seryou: Why are you bringing Shino up?

Yuzuru: "Why"...just following the usual pattern?

Seryou: When have I ever brought up Shino when I'm with you?
That kind of thing...
What I've always been thinking and worrying about is...
Yuzuru: Seryou?

Seryou: Can we go outside? There's something I want to talk to you about properly.

Yuzuru: Ok.


Yuzuru: (Oka park, huh? Does he always break up with people so formally?
I wonder if it's just because he's conscientious or something...
Well, at least the harbour view is pretty...)
Seryou: Yuruzu-san.

Yuzuru: Ughuh!! You surprised me!

Seryou: Tomorrow...

Yuzuru: (nods) un.

Seryou: ...from tomorrow, returning home with you, going out with you, even if it's
just once in a while...I'll still like to do those kinds of thi-

Yuzuru: That will be troublesome. I don't want to have that kind of, vague
relationship with you.

Seryou: It that what you meant...when you ripped up the preview tickets
yesterday? That you didn't even want to see a movie with me anymore?

Yuzuru: What time?

Seryou: Huh?

Yuzuru: This...what time does it end? This one week with you?

Seryou: Do you want it...to end that quickly?

Yuzuru: If possible.

Seryou: Then...when and whatever...you can decide.

Yuzuru: (opens phone) 5.59pm. Well, it's a good place to leave off...until six then.
(closes phone) It's 6 o'clock.
Seryou, my number...delete it from your address book.
Seryou: Why?

Yuzuru: Didn't you say that you delete the numbers of those who like you after you
break up with them, because it'll be rude to your next girlfriend?

Seryou: But...you're not like that.

Yuzuru: Like that?

Seryou: It's not like you...like me or anything...

Yuzuru: I like you.

Seryou: huh?

Yuzuru: So...would you go out with me, Seryou?
I like you, so I don't want to return to a normal sempai-kouhai relationship
with you just because it's next week.

Seryou: Wai...I don't really under...that... Yuzuru-san, that's...not fair.

Yuzuru: Not fair?
Well, the ones who wait patiently until Monday are the problem.
I don't want them to take you away from me.
Not just this "boyfriend for one week" thing, I want to go out with you

Seryou: Really?

Yuzuru: Rather than "Really"...I'm serious. I'll wait, but if you go out with someone
else before you give me an answer...

Seryou: It's really unfair. I wanted to say it so many times, but was never able to...!

Yuzuru: ...what?

Seryou: I like you. I like you, Yuzuru-san.

Yuzuru: S...serious? ...didn't hear it...

Seryou: I said it.

Yuzuru: M...more than Shino?

Seryou: Why...are you bringing Shino up again?
More than Shino, more than anyone...you're the one I like.

Yuzuru: huh...(slumps to the ground) uhugh...!

Seryou: Wh...Yuruzu-san! What's wrong?

Yuzuru: Crap...

Seryou: Huh?

Yuzuru: I'm really...happy!

Seryou: That...I'm the same...

Yuzuru: That took all my courage, you know!?!

Seryou: And I'm about to cry myself...!

(laughter, and short kiss)

Yuzuru: (And then...once again...)

Seryou: Yuzuru-san!

Yuzuru: (a new week begins.)
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