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Seven Days, miscellaneous trivia and more thoughts

Seryou and Shino attend the imaginary Houga Gakuen (邦華学園), located somewhere in or near the Yamate Bluff area in Yokohama. The school is within walking distance from the Habour View Park (map), "Okakou" in the manga/drama CD), a famous tourist spot which has fantastic views of the Yokohama Harbour. It's also a famous date spot, one which has appeared in other anime such as Mahoromatic. Seryou, as mentioned in a previous post, lives within Yamate, which is why he meets Yuzuru when the latter exits the station and not before. Shino's family, on the other hand, probably lives in an apartment somewhere near Higashi Kanagawa station, because that's where Seryou was dropping him off to on Tuesday.


Personally, my favourite character is Yuzuru, though, as a girl, I'm not sure whether I'd want to date him. Like Seryou, I find him really cute, what with his occasionally feminine speech, such as the "I ended up coming" (来ちゃった) on Saturday. He also tends to use feminine particles at the ends of his sentences sometimes, such as わ, which is something that characterises young, well-off women (お嬢様たる方々). Yuzuru may be unpredictable and tremendously dense (though that was fun to witness too), but his resolute determination at the end of the week, reflected in the calm composure he showed at the dojo, was really impressive.


The talk tracks on the drama CD are also quite fun to listen to. In the first one, JunJun issues a challenge to manga readers: what was Seryou likely to have been doing on Monday afternoon/evening? I didn't notice...but Seryou changed something - see if you can find it (^^)

In the second CD, they talk about how Seryou keeps saying how he likes to be held down (束縛されたいタイプ), which is completely the opposite to most guys, including JunJun and Nikumura-kun (えっ?愛称が「ゆうきゃん」って?面白ッ). They rationalise that maybe it's because he's so popular with everyone that no one thinks that they can have him to themselves.

Another thing they talk about is how difficult it was to record this series because of the characters. Yuzuru, for example, is hard to grasp because he acts on his whims all the time. And of course, there was also the issue of Tachibana-sensei and Takarai-sensei taking 3 years to finish the series, which meant that they recorded these three days 2 years after the first four... JunJun remembered exactly what Seryou was like, but not his own role, and Nakamura-kun mentioned wondering: "What kind of voice did I use last time? A low voice?" Additionally, many of their emotions are shown on their faces, making it a challenge for the seiyuu to express that through their voices alone. But I think they did a pretty good job, and given the relatively positive reviews that Seven Days seems to have gotten, it seems like a decent number of Japanese fans agree too.

But it's not just the emotions that are more easily expressed in the manga. The lines in manga/novels and their drama CDs are different because the script has to give the listener clues as to locations, actions, and other things that visuals usually convey. Nevertheless, one thing that the drama CD could never show is this:


Takarai-sensei was very careful to show us these shots of Seryou's address book on Tuesday morning and Saturday after school. As you can see, a certain entry has been deleted. (^^)

The lack of visuals was probably one of the reasons that the epilogue chapter was not adapted for the CD, if not the main one. I would have loved to hear JunJun say (いえいえ、こちらこそ...?)...but it's something that you really need the manga to complement!


p.s. I'd only planned to translate the 2nd drama CD, but as I've gone about reading my own copies, I've noticed some mistakes that the manga translators made, including one that changes the context a fair bit. So...I might translate the 1st CD too...though only if JUNE's release later this year doesn't get it right either. (^^)

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