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マクロスFラジオ (MacrossF)

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Notes and Guest list
  • #001 (private) (Hibiki forum)
  • #002 (private) (Hibiki forum)
  • #009 Endo Aya
  • #013 Konashi Katsuyuki
  • #017 Toyoguchi Megumi
  • #019 (private) (Hibiki forum)
  • #021 May'n
    I love the title and how she says it!
  • #022 (private) (Hibiki forum)
  • #025 Fukuyama Jun
    JunJun's approach to his role (~8 mins in) is hilarious! And they all wanted the megane role (i.e. Michel!) ...he has more mantles and ponchos than I do...*sweatdrops* It comes across as being somewhat stuck up, but it's actually pretty good fashion advice, albeit from someone with a very very weird fashion sense...
  • #031 Inoue Kikuko
  • #035 Miyake Kenta
  • #039 Ohkawa Tooru
  • #040 Kuwashima Houko
  • #042 May'n
  • #047 Kobayashi Sanae
  • #052 Hoshi Souichirou
  • #056 Sugita Tomokazu
  • #061 Konashi Katsuyuki
  • #066 Toyoguchi Megumi
    Interesting talk about auditions, like thinking that they completely screwed up but getting the role anyway. Megumi also talks about voicing Klan's two forms, and how difficult the lower voice is for her to do.
  • #073 Yoshino Hiroyuki (Screenplay)
  • #077 Inoue Kikuko
    ~10:30...she forgets the names of Alto and Michel!
  • #080 Fukuyama Yoshiki [Fire bomber related]
  • #082 Endo Aya
  • #084 May'n
  • #086 Kawamori Shoji
  • #088 Konashi Katsuyuki
  • #090 Endo Aya
  • #095 Sugita Tomokazu
  • #099 Kawamori Shoji
    The 99th and 100th shows were labelled "Kawamori's 100 questions 100 answers". Although they got nowhere near the 100 mark (most of the questions were in the 100th show), Kawamori-sensei did answer a rather important question in #99 in response to Nakamura's question about Alto's "You are both my wings" line.
    Kawamori: He's not saying that anything about like/dislike. All he's saying is that he trusts them both. It has nothing to do with whether he likes them romantically or not. [Who thought that line up?] That would have been Yoshino (the writer). As for his feelings...that's something that's hidden. He feels whatever it is that he feels...
  • #100 Kawamori Shoji
  • #101 Shoko-tan [famous Ranka cosplayer]
  • #112 May'n
  • #118 May'n
  • #120 Miyake Kenta
  • #123 Toyoguchi Megumi & Endo Aya
  • #124 Toyoguchi Megumi & Endo Aya
    Around the 7min mark, someone writes in to ask Toyoguchi-san about where she thinks and hopes Klan and Michel's relationship will go from here on (i.e. end of movie 1, since Michel survived). The seiyuu basically run away with the question:
    (1) nothing would happen because that's what these two are like - 'even in the TV series, Michel never spoke his true feelings until he was dying, so we'll need another life-or-death situation' (HiroC), and
    (2) that even in the series, all you heard was Michel going "aishite---"*, => 'was I mistaken?' (Toyoguchi) 'you never know, he could have been saying "aishiteNAI!!*"' (Yuukyan) 'that would be awful!!' (Nakajima)

Other notes:
  • #46 - Yuukyan was sick
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