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Macross Seiyuu Interview

Translated by(?) and originally posted here by Mikorio. I'm not sure what the source is (probably Newtype or one of those other anime magazines), but it came out sometime before the release of the first movie last November.


1. Who do you like better? Sheryl or Ranka?
2. Do you have any hopes or preferences for the upcoming movie?

Nakamura Yuuichi [Saotome Alto]
1. I like Characters with a strong personality, so it's Sheryl for me. Although Klan Klein's not bad either from another point of view!
2.Please give this "Galaxy Love Story" an ending! Or else I always get yelled at during recording.

Endo Aya [Sheryl Nome]
1. I'm all for Sheryl, the reason is.... You ask me why? Because I'm Endo Aya!
2. I want more lovey dovey scenes with Alto, and I want to know why Bobby's sexual preference is the way it is.

Kuwashima Houko [Nanase Matsuura; Canaria Berstein]

1.Because my role is Nanase, so of course I support Ranka-chan!
2. I had two roles in the TV series so I had plently of screen time. I would like to be more active in the movie!

Nakajima Megumi [Ranka Lee]
1. My favorite character is actually Mihael. Rather than supporting Klan, I imagine myself has her. (laugh) I have the same feelings for Mihael as Klan does? please take me too! (laugh) Every female character in MF has distinct strong personalities, so all of the girls are easy to relate to. If I had to pick...can I choose all?
2. In the last episode in the TV series, Ranka and Sheryl announced their rivalry officially. So I hope to see a 'powered up' version of both of them in the movie! I'm curious as to how their relationship with alto will be like on the big screen. Also, I'd like to see more of their duets and fights on stage. So we've had that Budoukan live, how about another live? Kawamori Director? (laugh)

Ookawa Tooru [Ship captain Jeffrey Wilder]
1.I choose Sheryl. How to say this... I'm defenseless against those kind of girls who stand up for themselves against all kinds of hardhip.
2. Even though it's impossible, I'd like to pilot a fighter! Captain Jeffery MUST have flown when he was younger, right?

Kobashi Sanae [Cathy Glass]
1. Klan Klein! Her micron version is just so cute when she blushes...
2.Please end the triangular! I also want to see more of Sheryl and Ranka's fight on stage!

Hoshi Souichiri [Brera Sterne]
1. I like Sheryl. My first impression of her as the Galaxy Fairy is just too amazing.
2. Please add Brera into the triangular too! (laugh)

Inoue Kikuko [Grace O'Conner]
1.Um... I'm backing down from this question! They all have such different charm points it's hard to choose. (laugh)
2. I want Grace to be even more of a b*tch! I want to challenge the most sadistic character in the history of Macross!

Kamiya Hiroshi [Mihael Blanc]

1. I'm for Klan for a lot of reasons... Anyway, I just really like Klan!
2.I just hope Mihael can accept Klan's feelings and hope for a happy ending, even though it's almost impossible. No matter how it ends, I'll work hard as Mihael!

Sugita Tomokazu [Leon Mishima]
1. If the sad Klan joins the triangular too... Mihael will come back as a Vajra and get them all I suppose. (laugh)
2.I'll do my best and work seriously according to the script! If MF gets into Genesis of Aquarion, then that'll be great.

Miyake Kenta [Bobby Margot; Saotome Ranzou]
1.Hohoho, of course I support Ozma!
2. Please give Bobby more screen time! Let Bobby sing on the silver screen!

Konishi Katsuyuki [Ozma Lee]

1. Ranka of course! She's my sister!
2. Don't kill me if I say this, but please don't make me bake any more pine cakes. (laugh)

Fukuyama Jun [Luca Angeloni]
1. Of course it's Sheryl! I very much respect her strong will and high self-esteem!
2.Please give the VB-6 more chances!


--Looks like everyone wants an end to the triangle.
Director Kawamori: I want to give an answer too, but does everything have to fall on Alto's shoulders? It's an interesting problem...
Co-director/storyboard Kikuchu: Well Kuwashima-san (Nanase) wants to get more action..
Script writer Yoshino: We could combine that with Fukuyama-san (Luca)'s wishes and let the VB-6 crush the AF.
Kawamori: What if we add a powerful jet? Turn it into a heavy duty hit machine.(laugh(

--Inoue Kukiko-san's really full of energy, isn't she?
Kawamori: There are lots of sadistic type characters, which type to turn Grace into is an interesting question.
Kikuchu: Didn't Sugita san's comment relate to the Genesis of Aquarion?
Kawamori: Yea. Technically our triangular is the same as an Aquarion. [an Aquarion is a mecha combined from three seperate mecha] Perhaps if it passes through a temporal shift, our AF-25's can combine?
Yoshino: Alto, Luca and Mihael combining... Nah. [there's no english word for the word he uses instead of combining, but it's implying it in a yaoi sense. ^_^]

--Will Endo Aya-san's wishes come true?
Yoshino: Compared to Ranka, Alto and Sheryl have alot more lovey dovey scenes right?
Kawamori: I wish Endo Aya-san would specifically say what she wants them to do. (laugh)
Kikuchi: We wouldn't be able to put THAT on screen. (laugh)
Kawamori: Determining from age, Captain Jeffery could have fought in the first galaxy wars!
Yoshino: He'd be able to ride the VF-1 then! The one in Mihoshi Gakuen!

--Kitani-san's reply was really moving.
Kawamori: I'd like to make Mihael and Klan happy too, but from my point of view it depends on if it will change history.

TOYOGUCHI TALK [Klan's seiyuu]
--Klan Klein's quite popular among the production staff, starting with Yoshino the writer, many other members of the staff want Klan to star in the movie.
Toyoguchi: Klan first debuted in the fourth episode. Watching her become macronized and micronized I though she was a comic relief at first. (laugh) But she became very serious in the second half... I think Klan as alot of charm about her that has gone unnoticed, so I will work harder to show that! It's too much to have Klan star, but it's great to be liked by so many people.

--Some even want Klan to sing?
Toyoguchi: It's too pretentious to sing in front of May'n and Megumi-chan, but if this happens then I will try my best! Macro Klan or mico Klan. Can I even sing that well? (laugh)

--What hopes do you have for the Movie?
Toyoguchi: Much more screen time. (laugh) Just asking, which Klan does the audience like better? Macro or micro? It's weird asking, since it's one person. But I want to know which Klan the audience wants to see more of.

--If Klan became the star of the movie, what kind of story would you like?
Toyoguchi: A happy ending is the best of course! Even if it changes the history it's fine. As long as Mihael survives. Klan's a really stubborn girl and she really loves Mihael, I'd like more scenes showing that side of her... Let's give up on Macross F and Do Macross K! (laugh). Director Kawamori, Yoshino-san, I'm entrusting Klan to you guys!


I find it really interesting that some of the seiyuu are willing to pick a faction, whilst others just ignore the question and pick the character they like anyway. It's also interesting that Kamiya Hiroshi chooses Klan here...although given that his favourite character in Bakemonogatari is the cat, I guess I can understand.

Whilst we're on the topic, the shipping question is often asked on the radio show as well, when guests come. From memory, we've got the following split so far...

Ranka supporters
-Nakajima Megumi
-Shoko-tan (#101) [though she actually prefers Michel too]
-Kamiya Hiroshi

Sheryl supporters
-Endo Aya

with Nakamura Yuuichi sitting out.

...but I need to go back and double-check who else they've asked. Given what Nakamura-kun said in the above interview, I'm no longer surprised that Kamiyan is a Ranka supporter on the radio show.
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