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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 1/maybe 50?

The presentation of passing results for the entrance examination took place at high schools across Okinawa today, so I'm finally getting off my butt to starting on this next little translation project of mine.

I suppose that's a lie...I started looking at it about two weeks back, but...BLOODY hell, why do they talk so quickly! I'd started doing this by ear, but realised quickly that it's far more sensible to just use the script that came with the CD anyway!

Much respect for the subbers who did the series - though I know that, if it were me, I'd be working on it with novels in hand! And also to the voice actors who recorded it in the first place - Nishio Ishin really does like to torture people! Now I completely understand why no one wants to sub the commentary. 15 episodes at about 24 minutes each...that amounts to 6 hours of rapid fire conversation that includes some very obsure topics!

Still, given that Chinese translations are being done, I wonder if any Japanese fans have even sat down to log all of it... I'll check once I'm done with the drama CD (est. summer vacation, perhaps?) but if it's not logged, trust me, I'm just going to hope that Nishio-sensei will release a script one day!

And without further ado, here are the first two stories from the Bakemonogatari Drama CD!

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

Please DO NOT post this elsewhere (links are ok). Comments and suggestions are always welcome though!


1. Entrance exam

Koyomi: Our school is, at least in our area, a famous academic school, so...the

entrance exam was unexpectedly difficult, wasn't it?

Hitagi: They said that the acceptance rate was about 20% or something like that?
I've forgotten. But all the local geniuses gather for it. You, who are like garbage [gomi], passed it quite admirably.

Koyomi: You likened me to garbage so naturally, huh?

Hitagi: What's your full name again...? Araragi Gomi?

Koyomi: It's Koyomi! Not only is it horrible to be called "garbage", it's worse that
YOU don't remember my name!

Hitagi: Oh, really?

Koyomi: Even Hachikuji doesn't fumble like that!
You know, Senjyougahara, maybe you've forgotten, but I was a pretty good student at that time! Ah...speaking of which...back at the time of the entrace exams, Gahara-san, you hadn't met the crab yet, right?

Hitagi: Yup. That's right. It's a private school too, so the exam was held even

Koyomi: So, the you who was at the exam location was the one who hadn't
yet developed your rebellious, bad personality.

Hitagi: A me with a good personality and a you with good grades together in one
place. Thinking back on it now, it seems like a joke, doesn't it?


2. Presentation of results.
[Although they have started using the internet for this as well, results for entrance exams - high school and university - in Japan are traditionally given by presenting the numbers of the applicants who passed on notice boards at the front of the school. You can see this in the final episode of the j-drama, Dragonzakura.]

Koyomi: Hm...I didn't go to see the results, I think.

Hitagi: Why? Were you sick or something?

Koyomi: No. I was just scared - I was barely at the passing line. If I remember
correctly, I had my younger sister go check for me.

Hitagi: There's never was a bigger coward [chicken], was there?

Koyomi: Furthermore, it was Tsukihi-chan I asked...even though she was just an
elementary schooler back then. I really can't say anything about you calling me a coward [chicken] over this.
When the results were released, what did you do?

Hitagi: I went to see them normally:I was still the "super me" back then after all. But
sincewe're on this topic, Hanekawa-san said that she didn't go to see the results, just like you.

Koyomi: Why not? What would she have been worried of?

Hitagi: It's not that she was worried. She said she was studying at home like usual.

Koyomi: ...she's always been like that, huh?

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