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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 2/??

Hell...this is going slowly...I can't wait for the spring vacation and golden week ones!

: dialogue
: [translator's notes]

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3. Entrance ceremony

Koyomi: Hanekawa, I don't really remember because I didn't know you back then,
but did you give a speech for the entrance ceremony representing the new students?

Tsubasa: I didn't. They asked me about it, but because I didn't want to seem like a
tall poppy, so I declined politely.
[「悪目立ち」 means something like "standing out in a negative way"]

Koyomi: Like a tall poppy, you say...I bet they hadn't expected you to refuse at all.


4. Uniform

Koyomi: The uniform of our high school is the standard gakuran and sailor, so it
doesn't stand out much.
[lit: it doesn't have any conspicious features]

Tsubasa: Although recently, the blazer is becoming more popular, so the fact that it
is the standard seems to be unusual. Araragi-kun, there's been some talk that a gakuran suits you, hasn't there?

Koyomi: Just from that pigtailed shrimp of a girl with a stuttering problem, right?
Also, she didn't say that the gakuran suits me, but that the summer uniform doesn't. That's actually an insult, no?

Tsubasa: Speaking of which, doesn't the junior high school you went to have a
uniform that's unusual for public schools? It's really uncommon in Japanese schools for the girl's uniform to be a dress. 

Koyomi: Yup. Actually, back when I was in 6th grade elementary, I had pretty good
academic ability for kids of that age, so there was talk of me going to a private junior high.

Tsubasa: Ah...Karen-chan and Tsukihi-chan are in private schools too, right? So
you were given the opportunity to choose that path too then. But why are you talking about that now?

Koyomi: Well...since that time's now past I'll talk about it, but because the junior
high uniform for girls was said to be cute, I kicked the suggestion of going to private school back.

Tsubasa: You were that kind of person back then too, huh?

Koyomi: Actually, even now, looking at Sengoku-chan in her school uniform, I get a
bit excited you know.

Tsubasa: Don't you dare say that to her.
[It's just 「本人」 or "the person herself" in Japanese, but we'd usually just
say her name/"her" in English.
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