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I'm falling in love with Nakamura Yuuichi's gentle, "fluffy" 「ふわふわ」 voice!

I've been catching up on Kimi ni Todoke recently, having taken a break to watch a whole lot of Sora Kake and catch up on the outstanding reviews, and it just so happens to be Chizuru and Ryuu's story...and it's like


Admittedly, I'm not sure Yuukyan would regard what he uses for Ryuu as a 「ふわふわ」 voice, as he described the one he used for Seryou...but although he's quite gruff and blunt sometimes, it really is a gentle voice, completely unlike the sharp ones he uses for Alto or Graham.

Yup, so I've cycled through JunJun, HiroC and OnoD recently...but now I'm totally digging Yuukyan! やばい!!

In 'celebration' of that, here's a little thing I spotted in Seven Days when I flipped through it again on the weekend... Remember back to Saturday After School, when Yuzuru got annoyed at how Seryou still seemed to be attracting attention from girls, and Seryou's reaction?

Yuruzu's next words are basically "Are you missing a SCREW somewhere...?"
Cute, right? Takarai-sensei too (^________^)

(p.s. Still like Sakku though (^^;))

Tags: anime: brief thoughts, seiyuu: you-kyan, seven_days

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