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Translation: Bakemonogatari [Drama CD] Hyakumonogatari part 3/??

Geh...I'm not sure whether I should use their first names or their last names. (Their full names are listed in the scipt). The subtitles of each story uses each character's first name, but they generally address each other by their last names! I guess I'll stick to the latter, but I might or might not go back to change 1-4...

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5. Class allotment

Senjougahara: Araragi-kun, the two of us have been in the same class for three
years, haven't we?

Araragi: Although we only started speaking to each other after we became third
years. Until then, I really thought you were just another of those secluded young women.

Senjougahara: "Just another of those secluded young women" is a considerably
strange way of putting it. By the way, I'll say it since we're at this point now, but even back in 1st and 2nd year, I was aware of you.

Araragi: Eh? Really? That's somehow embarrassing...

Senjougahara: I was able to enjoy observing you as you were falling into ruin.

Araragi: That's just bad taste!


6. The five-day working week.

[Lit: Two days off every week. Until about the mid-1990s, it was government regulation that students went to school 6 days a week. Even now, the higher-level academic schools, both public and private, often retain this 6-day a week schedule.]

Kanbaru: I was really surprised when I found out that our school had classes even
on Saturdays.

Araragi: Because it's an academic school, right? Even the Happy Monday law only
gives us a two-day break.

Kanbaru: And having classes only until lunch would be refreshing!

Araragi: Seems to be called a half-holiday ["han-don"], that.

Kanbaru: By the way, Araragi-sempai, do you know how many public holidays
there are in a year?

Araragi: Huh...no idea. Never tried counting them. How many?

Kanbaru: 15 days.

Araragi: Wow. That's quite a number. So we get over two weeks of holidays over a

Kanbaru: And also, there are 365 divided by 7, so around 52 Sundays. Altogether,
that's 67 days off promised to the Japanese people every year. And on top of that, we also have the summer, winter and spring vacations.

Araragi: If you put it that way, having Saturday off too makes for too many days off,


7. Tests

Araragi: If we're talking about tests, then this is the person to talk to. Hanekawa
Tsubasa-san, do you have anything positive to say?

Hanekawa: Why are you being so showy?

Araragi: Isn't there anything? About enthusiasm for tests? Or your unique
philosophy perhaps?

Hanekawa: Well...I really look forward to lunch...

Araragi: Nice!


8. The arts stream and the science stream

Hachikuji: It's not like you've stated it outright or anything, Araragi-san, but you're
in the science stream, aren't you?

Araragi: Huh? Ah...I haven't mentioned it before? Senjougahara, Hanekawa and
myself are all in the science stream.

Hachikuji: Well, if you weren't, it'd have been unnatural for you and Senjougahara-
san to be in same class for three years. That you managed to be placed in the same class as Hanekawa-san in your third year was inevitable in such a small stream, maybe? Great, isn't it, Araragi-san, that you're good at mathematics?

Araragi: What is Kanbaru, I wonder?

Hachikuji: She should be in the sports stream, right?

Araragi: And you'd be in the arts stream.

Hachikuji: I'm in the beautiful stream.

Araragi: If you're in the beautiful stream, than I'm a herbivore. *

Hachikuji: Is there anyone who's more carnivorous* than you are?

Araragi: And in that case, Kanbaru would be in the corrupt (girl) stream.

Hachikuji: You're good at pointless things, aren't you?

Araragi: Perhaps I could have done well even in the arts stream.

[*This is a reference to the "grass-eaters" that have become a major topic of discussion in Japan in recent years. Basically, herbivores tend to be passive and carnivores active in terms of relationships. Based on this conversation, both Hachikuji and Araragi obviously consider him to be a carnivore...but doesn't that contradict what happened with Senjougahara and Hanekawa?]

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