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Workaholics and DRRR!!

Ack...busy busy BUSY weekend (which ended with me buying a kimono and matching obi, by the way). It was kind of weird too...going north with my teachers should mean no anime-related stuff, right? Well...except for an auction that I didn't win anyway... 

But when we reached our destination, my roommates turned on the TV in our room, and it happened to be a Korean drama. Dubbed in Japanese. After about 15 minutes, a character started speaking in a really familiar voice...and guess what? The credits confirmed that JunJun was indeed in it...! So much for a weekend away from, as my Dad puts it, "that nonsense"! And now that I'm thinking about it, I've actually heard JunJun doing narration for something else before, when I was flipping channels to try and catch some Olympic figure skating...just how much work does this guy do!?!

ちなみに、そのkドラマは多分「The Great Queen Seondeok」で、じゅんじゅんはピダムと言うチャラを吹き替えた。初めて聞いた時、kariceは「まさか...じゅんじゅんじゃないよな〜?」っと思ったよ...

I still haven't had time to sit down to watch Durarara!! 12 properly (I had a quick look on Friday, but about a third of the dialogue just went over my head!) Even then, I think that's enough to say...

Izaya...you bastard.

p.s. still liking Shinra more and more with each episode...

Tags: durarara!!, seiyuu: junjun

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