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Lazy this year...but Happy April Fool's Day!

Here's a decent list of all the major ones, courtesy of Crunch Tech.

In the anime/manga community, a valuable resource has sold out to Crunchy role, Animesuki apparently doesn't approve of April Fool's jokes...and I really don't visit very many of these places anymore...

p.s. I must be blind...I can't find any of the Blizzard ones. They aren't doing any this year?

edit: 大発見!! SHAFT has a good one: Bakemonogatari movie version: Kizumonogatari!

Some of the giveaways include:
  • The kanji for "kizu" has an extra stroke...and in the text, the radical is different again. 
  • The katakana for "kizu" says "kisu" instead.
  • Next to Nishio Ishin, instead of "Kodansha", it reads "jyoudansha" (i.e. Joke company...)
  • "Aniplex" 「アニプレックス」 has become a weird hiragana/katakana combination "Anipusix"「アニプしックス」
  • The preview is loaded on "Yo-Tube," and linked to the opening to episode 1, posted on YouTube.
  • And at the bottom of the page, they tell us "Please don't believe this notice. This is an April Fool's Day project."

Dammit! This just makes me want to see it even more! Please SHAFT! I'll even pre-order it! All the way from Australia!

edit: Darn, it wasn't SHAFT. Well...we can always hope, one day...
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